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HC Chapter 26

“Miss Ye, you did so many scandalous things back then, how can you have the guts to appear in front of everyone’s eyes again ……”

These questions, one more tricky and stinging than the other.

Only, when she decided to attend the banquet, Ye Yunla had expected it.

Her face was not too embarra*sed, but her voice was as cold as a blade: “Taking this occasion today, I happen to announce one thing, although my surname is still Ye Yunla, I no longer have any relationship with the Ye family.”

“As for the affair photos from four or five years ago ……” Her eyes darted around, “Most of the celebrity ladies present have boyfriends and fiancés, right? If I spend some money to get paparazzi to follow you all, I think the headlines in the next six months in Haicheng will be all about the racy photos of your celebrities.”

With her words, the celebrities present turned pale.

They were all rich ladies with nothing serious to do, so it was only normal for them to fall in love.

And these days, it’s not uncommon for them to fall in love and go to bed.

If they were followed by someone with an agenda, they would definitely be photographed in bed too ……

For a moment, no one present actually retorted.

Sun Yan drained the wine in his hand: “Sharp-tongued, really a woman not to be messed with.”

Fu Beijiu’s jaw tensed up.

This woman’s words had attacked the famous women present, and how was she not pulling herself down.

She was also a disguised admission that the flirtatious photos from five years ago were true.

In other words, she did have sex with wild men ……

Fu Beijiu was inexplicably angry.

But on second thought, it made sense.

If she hadn’t slept with a man, how could she have given birth to a daughter!

He was truly possessed!

To actually let such an unpleasant woman affect his mind.

At this moment, the gossip in the banquet hall finally stopped ringing out.

Ye Yunla let out a sigh of relief.

Although she didn’t care about these words, she still couldn’t stand being surrounded by so many people.

She picked up her wine gla*s and was about to go over to make a toast.

A woman in a yellow dress dress suddenly walked out, “Miss Ye, is it true that you gave birth to twin dead babies four years ago?”

A single word caused Ye Yunla’s face to suddenly turn cold.

Those two dead children were the untouchable scales in her heart.

She raised her eyebrows to look at the woman who asked the question and instantly recognised her, it was her first cousin Xie Siqi’s best friend, Zheng Ke.

Zheng Ke jumped out at this time to ask such a question, and it was obvious that Xie Siqi had encouraged her to do so.

Ye Yunla felt that the slap she had given before was too light.

It seemed that she had to teach Xie Siqi another lesson.

Zheng could see that Ye Yunla had changed her face and sneered, “It seems to be true, it turns out that our Hai Cheng’s number one beauty has given birth to a child, only it’s a pity that the child died, otherwise I would really like to see if those two children have inherited the beauty of the number one beauty.”

Her every word was like a knife cutting through Ye Yunla’s heart.

She raised her eyes, the blade in her eyes, and before she could speak, a teasing voice rang out behind her.

Sun Yan hooked his lips and walked over, his gaze landing on Zheng Ke’s abdomen: “At the risk of asking, how many months has Miss Zheng been pregnant?”

Zheng Ke snapped, “How many months?”

“With such a big belly, you should be pregnant, let me guess, four months?” The malicious smile at the corner of Sun Yan’s mouth slowly enlarged.