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HC Chapter 27

Zheng Ke’s face, fiercely red.

Her family was good, her looks were good, and her only flaw was that she was too fat.

Especially on her stomach, which was full of fat.

Even if she wore the loosest of dresses, she could not hide all the flesh.

So she was jealous of Ye Yunla, jealous that Ye Yunla was good looking and had a good body ……

But before she could make a fool of Ye Yunara, she herself made a big fool of herself first.

Zheng Ke gritted her teeth and said, “I’m not even married yet, how could I be pregnant, it’s easy to cause misunderstanding when you say things like that, young Sun.”

“Oh, so Miss Zheng knows that such words will cause misunderstanding, then why did you deliberately ask Miss Ye such words?” Sun Yan sneered, “You’ve never had a child with a figure like yours, and Miss Ye would be even less likely to.”

Zheng Ke was stabbed again, so embarra*sed that she wanted to find a hole in the ground to burrow into.

She stomped her foot, gritted her teeth and hid in the crowd.

Ye Yunla didn’t expect someone to speak up for her at a time like this, and it was Sun Yan, who had been thrown over her shoulder yesterday.

She smiled slightly and said, “Thank you, Mr. Sun, for relieving the situation, let’s have a drink.”

Sun Yan hastily clinked his gla*s with her, “Miss Ye, we met five years ago, do you still remember?”

Ye Yunla nodded blandly.

Five years ago, Sun Yan was already a famous playboy in Hai Cheng, so how could she not have met him before?

She also vaguely remembered that her father and stepmother had wanted to marry her into the Sun family ……

The two were talking when Fu Beijue and Wang Changqing also walked over.

As soon as Fu Beijue came over, the surrounding temperature dropped abruptly by several degrees.

It was difficult for Ye Yunla to not notice this man.

She said indifferently, “I still have to go over there to make a toast, so excuse me for now.”

“Hey, Miss Ye, I’m fine anyway, let’s go with you.” Sun Yan stuck up like a fart.

Seeing this scene, Fu Beijiu suddenly felt a little annoyed.

He spoke coldly, “Sun Yan, are you impatient to be a stepfather to someone else’s child?”

As soon as he said this, he immediately sensed that something was wrong.

Was he crazy to say such a thing?

But the words had already come out, and it was impossible to take them back.

He put on a cold face and stood solemnly.

Sun Yan, however, scratched his chin: “Miss Ye shouldn’t have any children ……”

Ye Yunla has such a good figure, it’s impossible for her to have given birth!

Even if she did, didn’t the news say she had died?

Although he had been in a million flowers, he really did not want to mess with women who had children, because such women were not easy to mess with and very troublesome ……

And Ye Yunla, her fingers stiffened slightly.

At the banquet tonight, she did not let the two children appear at all.

Because, once the two children appeared, they would definitely be branded as wild and illegitimate children.

She would never allow such a thing to happen.

Before everything was settled, she would not expose the two children to the public eye.

But, Fu Beijue already knew about Little Yinyin’s existence.

This man was in no position to keep her secret.

Ye Yunla lifted her eyes and looked at the cold-faced Fu Beijue, saying indifferently, “Mr. Fu, is it convenient to talk alone for a moment?”

Fu Beijue nodded coldly and turned towards the balcony.

Ye Yunla followed with the hem of her skirt.

“Crap!” Sun Yan was dumbfounded, “Obviously I’m the one who saved the beauty, why is this guy Fu Beijiu picking up the pieces?”

Wang Changqing patted his shoulder sympathetically, “You’re not as handsome as Fu Beijue and not as rich as him, any woman who isn’t blind will know who to choose.”