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HC Chapter 28

As he was talking, the Second Miss of the Lu family pa*sed by.

Sun Yan’s pair of eyes moved after the second miss of the Lu family, then glued up: “Miss Lu, you look so beautiful in this today ……”

Wang Changqing: “……”

He shouldn’t have wasted that little bit of sympathy ……

Ye Yunla followed Fu Beijue out onto the balcony.

The two of them, one beautiful and stunningly handsome, walked together side by side towards the balcony, instantly attracting the attention of countless people.

“My goodness, the first beauty of Haicheng has seduced Fu Beijue’s heart as soon as she returned?”

“Isn’t Fu Beijue not close to women, why would he go and talk to this woman Ye Yunara alone?”

“It’s over, once Ye Yunla comes back, will there be a way for us to live in the future?”

The celebrities sighed, as if their life had been drained away.

They still remembered that five years ago, whenever Miss Ye attended a party, wherever she went, the light was there.

Even if she wore no make-up, dressed in the simplest of clothes, and casually stood in the crowd, she was still the most dazzling presence.

The crowd was envious and jealous, but there was nothing they could do about it.

They only dared to speak anonymously on the internet …… So before the Xie family’s dinner party was over, the internet was already up in arms ……

A slight night breeze blew from the balcony, carrying a refreshing chill.

Ye Yunla’s black hair was blown up by the wind and fell on her crimson lips.

She reached out and hooked the hair behind her ear, speaking faintly, “Mr. Fu, let’s make a deal.”

Fu Beijiu curled his lips in a good-natured manner, “What kind of deal, tell me.”

“The fact that you can’t find anything on the internet about Mr. Fu having a son means that Mr. Fu doesn’t want to expose his son to the media, I am willing to help Mr. Fu keep this secret. At the same time, I also hope that Mr. Fu can stand up for himself as a parent and rot the fact that I have a child into his stomach.”

Fu Beijiu thought of the rumours in the banquet hall, the hurtful, stinging and unpleasant words that even he, a man, felt alarmed to hear, let alone her, a woman.

If that little furry girl heard someone scold her mother, she would probably cry with sadness.

For some reason, Fu Beijiu suddenly wanted to meet that little girl.

However, this strange thought was quickly suppressed by him.

He said indifferently, “I can promise you, but, what’s in it for me?”

Ye Yunla didn’t expect him to agree so quickly, and she froze for a second, pulling her lips away and saying, “What benefits does Mr. Fu want?”

“If I need your help, you can’t refuse.”

Fu Beijiu said in a deep voice.

Ye Yunla froze slightly, then nodded her head.

She didn’t feel that there was anything she could do to help the Fu family in charge, but there was no room for her to refuse.

She lifted her gla*s and said, “Thank you, Mr. Fu.”

Her red lips were imprinted on the gla*s and Fu Beijiu’s mouth suddenly went dry for a moment.

He withdrew his gaze and asked in a slow voice, “Did you really give birth to twin dead babies four years ago?”

It wasn’t that he was deliberately poking her, he really wanted to ask for clarification.

The news said that she had given birth to twin dead babies, so where did her present day daughters come from?

Ye Yunla’s fingers tightened violently.

The one thing she couldn’t bear to hear was someone talking about those two children.

Every time they were mentioned, two babies covered in bruises would come to her eyes.

She took a deep breath: “What is said on the news is all false, it’s better for Mr. Fu not to believe it, I have to go to the banquet hall to greet the guests, excuse me.”

She carried the hem of her skirt and fled.

Fu Beijiu sank his eyebrows.

So the two children had not died, perhaps only one had died, in any case, she still had a daughter around her who was well and alive ……

Ye Yunla’s figure had just disappeared down the corridor when a tiny head poked out from around the corner.

It was Ye Jingzhan who had been hiding behind the curtains ……