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HC Chapter 29

Ye Jingzhan slowly walked out from behind the curtains.

He watched Fu Beijue’s figure and quietly followed him.

Little Yinyin was extremely special to this man, and the only thing he could think of was that this man was very likely to be their daddy.

So, he had to get a paternity sample.

Hair, saliva, blood, nails …… All carry DAN cells ……

Ye Jingzhan pursed his thin lips and followed Fu Beijue from afar.

The first thing you need to do is to take a sip from the gla*s of wine in your hand and raise your step towards the banquet hall.

On this occasion, someone actually dared to follow him?

Fu Beijiu snorted.

He placed his wine gla*s casually on the table and took a step to continue walking.

His long legs took a few ghostly steps, then suddenly turned back.

Ye Jingzhan was so frightened that his heart stopped.

He turned around violently, pretending to pa*s by without a second thought.

Seeing his back, the snicker at the corner of Fu Beijue’s lips gradually turned cold.

Fu Ziling.

This kid actually dared to sneak out for such an occasion.

Couldn’t the Fu family’s group of bodyguards even watch over a child?

He spoke coldly, “Stand still.”

Two words, wrapped in cold ice.

Ye Jingzhan had never been afraid of anyone or anything, but at this moment, when he heard these two words, his palms could not help but soak up a layer of sweat.

He pretended not to hear them and continued to walk forward.

“Fu Ziling, if you dare to take one more step, I will have you sent out of the country tonight.”

There was an implied threat in Fu Beijue’s voice.

Ye Jingzhan’s steps finally came to a halt.

He turned his head back, a childish face dripping with doubt: “Uncle, have you mistaken someone?”

Fu Beijue looked at an unfamiliar face in front of him and suddenly felt embarra*sed.

He had actually misidentified his son!


How come the back of this child in front of him was exactly the same as Fu Ziling’s?

He faintly pursed his lips and said, “What were you doing following me just now?”

“I didn’t.” Ye Jingzhan blinked, “I’ve lost my toy car, uncle, have you seen my car?”

Fu Beijue shook his head, turned around and walked away.

Ye Jingzhan let out a fierce sigh of relief.

It was only when Fu Beijue’s figure disappeared down this corridor that he quickly walked over to the table and picked up the wine gla*s that Fu Beijue had drunk.

He took out a sample taking test paper from his pocket and pressed it at the spot where Fu Beiji’s lips had pressed.

He was just about to hide the test paper in his pocket when Ye Yunla’s voice rang out behind him.

“Jing’er, what are you doing here?”

Ye Jingzhan stiffened in shock.

He knew very well in his heart how much Mummy hated Daddy, the kind of hate he couldn’t even ask about.

If Mummy knew that he was secretly checking up on Daddy, she would definitely be unhappy.

He took a deep breath, dropped his hand that was squeezing the test paper naturally, raised his head and smiled, “Mummy, I came out to get my sister some cake to eat, she likes Black Forest the most.”