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HC Chapter 30

Ye Yunla stroked his head, “Come, I’ll go with you to find Little Yinyin.”

She had already shown her face at the banquet, there was no need to continue to surround herself with those who had ulterior motives, so she might as well spend more time with the child.

The two of them held hands and went upstairs to the lounge.

Old Lady Xie was too old to attend banquets, so she did not attend the whole evening and stayed in the lounge to look after Little Yinyin.

Aunt Xie and Second Aunt Xie did not want to go and watch Ye Yunla’s scenery, so they simply stayed in the lounge to talk with Old Lady Xie as well.

Little Yinyin sat on the balcony reading a book, her skin as white as milk and eye-catching.

Her long feathery eyelashes were like a thick little fan, casting a faint shadow on her white porcelain skin.

Sitting over there, she shone like a child star in a movie.

When she grew up, she would certainly be a stunning beauty again.

Aunt Xie’s eyes turned green as she looked at her and said with a sigh, “Little Yinyin is really pretty, she will only be more outstanding than La La, it’s just a pity that this child can’t speak and her origins are unknown ……”

The words were only half spoken, and before the more unpleasant words could be said, Great Aunt Xie felt a cool line of sight.

Old Lady Xie said coldly, “Little Yinyin can speak, she just doesn’t want to talk.”

What was the difference between not wanting to speak and not being able to speak?

Second Aunt Xie rounded up, “There is a child in my mother’s family who is just like Little Yinyin, both are autistic. However, if she has her mother and father with her, she will get better faster. Old Madam, who is the father of Little Yum Yum, and why won’t Lara reveal anything?”

This was a different way of asking about Little Yinyin’s father.

Before she could tell the two of them to get out, Little Yum Yum suddenly threw down her books, pulled open the door to the lounge and ran away.

“Hurry up and follow them, if anything happens to Little Yinyin, you two things will get the hell back to your mother’s house!”

Great Aunt Xie and Second Aunt Xie knew that the old lady cared very much about this girl child of LaLa’s, and the two of them hurriedly sent someone out in pursuit.

Little Yinyin rushed straight down from the first floor.

The front hall was crowded and she was a little frightened, so she turned in her stride and ran to the Xie family’s back garden.

“Look, the little mute is coming out!”

Zhou Zeyu was playing in the backyard with a group of children when he saw Little Yinyin rushing out like a headless fly.

He rushed forward with a single stride and blocked Little Yinyin’s way.

This little mute had bullied him twice and also bullied his mother, this time, he would make sure this little mute looked good.

Zhou Zeyu was the king of children, and as soon as he came over, a large group of children followed suit and gathered around.

“Wow, such a good-looking mute, it’s the first time I’ve seen one.”

“This little mute is so pretty, even better looking than my sister!”

Hearing the little ones say that Little Yinyin looked good, Zhou Zeyu was very angry, he grabbed a handful of rotten mud from the flower bed and threw it directly at Little Yinyin’s face.

Little Yinyin stared with a pair of pretty eyes and opened her mouth to bite at Zhou Zeyu’s arm.

“The little mute is going to bite again, hold her down!”

Zhou Zeyu gave an order and four or five boys aged six or seven came forward and pressed Little Yinyin’s shoulders.

Little Yinyin struggled desperately, she suddenly burst out with amazing strength, the two boys could not even hold her down.

Zhou Zeyu was so angry that he gritted his teeth and went over to her, giving her a fierce push.

Little Yinyin plunged straight into the flower bed, and the sharp branch cut across her delicate skin, and several blood marks immediately appeared on her arm.

“Little mute! Ugly b*****d! See if you dare to bully my mother again!”

Zhou Zeyu grabbed the mud on the ground and threw it at Little Yinyin’s body, and the other children found it amusing and followed suit.

The little girl’s pretty face, her seaweed-like hair, and her snow-white sarong were all covered in yellow sludge ……

This is the backyard of the Xie family, and not many people usually come here at all.

However, there was a person who did not take the usual path.

Fu Ziling climbed over the Xie family’s fence and sneaked in.

He had someone check clearly that the woman would be at the Xie family’s banquet tonight, so he ran here despite everything ……