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HC Chapter 31

Fu Ziling was about to go to the banquet hall to look for someone when he heard the sound of a child making merry.

“Hahahaha, the little mute has turned into an ugly monster!”

“Pull her up and take a picture, we’ll use this picture to mock her later, see if she still dares to bite!”

A few children pulled Yinyin out of the flowerbed.

Who knows, Yinyin opened her mouth and bit.

The back of the boy’s hand was immediately bitten with blood.

“Beat her, beat her to death!”

Zhou Zeyu grinded his teeth in hatred, his mother was angry at the sight of this little feral, if he beat this feral to death, his mother would definitely praise him.

Thinking of this, Zhou Zeyu found a big stone and smashed it towards Little Yinyin.

As soon as Fu Ziling turned his head, he met Little Yinyin’s beautiful, emotionless pupils.

His heart suddenly stuttered and he opened his mouth to shout, “Someone, stop them!”

In the shadows behind him, a bodyguard darted away and stopped the large stone in Zhou Zeyu’s hand.

Fu Ziling darted over and pulled Little Yinyin over and blocked it behind himself.

He stared at the man in front of him with one pair of eyes and said word for word, “How did these people deal with this little girl just now, you beat them back tenfold.”

“Yes, young master!”

The bodyguard pressed his hand bone and was the first to take Zhou Zeyu.


Zhou Zeyu was thrown directly into the flower bed.

He was so scared that he P*ssed his trousers and cried out, “Mum, come and save me, someone is trying to kill me!”

The bodyguard directly grabbed a handful of yellow clay and gagged him.

Several other children, too, were all thrown into the flowerbed.

There were rocks and sharp branches in the flowerbeds, and as a group of children were thrown in, a burst of cries rang out.

Only then did Fu Ziling feel the pain.

He looked at the little girl who was covered in dirt and spoke softly, “Do you have any pain there?”

Little Yinyin looked at him warily and pursed her pink lips without saying a word.

Fu Ziling went to pull her hand, “You’re too dirty, I’ll find a place to wash you.”


Little Yinyin pulled her hand back, a defensive look on her face.

Fu Ziling was suddenly a little hurt.

He had saved her, so she should at least say thank you.

How come he didn’t say a word?

By the way, just now these b*****ds seemed to call her a little mute, such a beautiful sister, can’t she not speak?

Fu Ziling was a little sad, he whispered, “I won’t bully you, I’ll take you to the bath, okay?”

He tried to take the little girl’s hand.

But Little Yinyin didn’t even give him a look, she turned around and walked away.

Only, she didn’t walk away unscathed.

The alarming burst of crying over here had long since alerted the crowd in the banquet hall.

Many noblewomen had brought their children with them to the banquet, and as soon as they heard their children’s cries, they rushed to follow the sound of the cries to find them.

The one who walked in the front was the Xie family’s great aunt, who had followed Little Yinyin out but had lost her.

As soon as she heard the children’s cries, she had an ominous feeling in her heart.

Walking over, she saw seven or eight children lying miserably in a flower bed bursting into tears.

The first aunt of the Xie family saw her own grandson at first glance and rushed over to hug him out: “Zeyu, what’s wrong with you, who’s bullying you?”