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HC Chapter 32

“Oooooooo, Grandma, it’s that little mute, the little mute is bullying me!!!”

As soon as Zhou Zeyu saw his grandmother, he instantly had the strength and opened his mouth to complain.

The Xie family’s great aunt raised her eyes and saw little Yinyin standing behind Fu Ziling, a face full of indifference and hostility.

This was not the first time this little b*****d had bullied her grandson!

She was so angry that she rushed over and raised her hand to grab Little Yinyin’s ear.

But Fu Ziling pushed her away: “I beat her up, what, you want to beat her back?”

He was only four years old and not very tall, but his aura was one meter eight.

He looked askance at a pair of eyes, and the sharpness under those eyes was practically identical to that of Fu Beijiu, and the Xie family’s great aunt was actually stunned just like that.

“Grandma, he was the one who had us thrown into the flower bed!” Zhou Zeyu cried out.

The other children yelled up too, “Yes, it was him, his bodyguards threw us all into the flower bed.”

“And he had someone throw a lump of mud in my mouth! Oooooooh, mum, you must help me get revenge!”

A group of children were complaining.

The parents of the children were going crazy.

Those who could come to the Xie family’s dinner party were all big and prestigious families, and these children were usually the heart and soul of their families.

But now, their beloved babies were in a mess, and there were even quite a few blood marks on their faces ……

“Madam Xie, I don’t care who this child is, he must be made to pay for it today!” Mrs. Wang said very angrily, “Dare to lay hands on my Wang family’s children, I want to return the favor tenfold!”

“Neither of these children can be spared!” Madam Li was furious, “And this bodyguard as well!”

Great Aunt Xie’s heart ached as she saw the united voices of the crowd.

It wasn’t that she was deliberately making things difficult for this little wild child, who had let the little wild child offend so many people by rampaging through.

Great Aunt Xie was about to ask her bodyguards to come over.


A cold breath came.

Immediately afterwards, Fu Beijue’s figure appeared in the back garden.

He had one hand in his pocket, a cold aura, and his cold eyes slowly swept over Fu Ziling’s body.

Fu Ziling trembled in fear, but still gritted his teeth to block in front of Little Yinyin ……

“Mr. Fu, what brings you here?” The Xie family’s great aunt, as the host, took the initiative to open her mouth and ask.

Fu Beijiu spoke coldly: “Ten minutes ago, I was on the balcony for air and happened to see a few children getting into an argument, four or five of them saw blood and were injured, so the police should be called.”

Mrs. Wang gritted her teeth and said, “Mr. Fu is right, the police must be called, so aggressive at such a young age, the police must be allowed to educate them properly for a few days before releasing them.”

Mrs Li followed suit, “How can a few days in jail be enough, better three months!”

“Since the ladies don’t object, then this will be a good thing to do.” Fu Beijiu gave a gentle high five, “Someone, take the young master of the Wang family, the young master of the Li family and the young master of the Zhou family …… Send them to the police station and tell the chief to lock them up for three months before releasing them.”

When he said this, the whole room was shocked.

Aunt Xie opened her mouth and said, “Mr. Fu, did you make a mistake, the ones who should be imprisoned should be these two children of unknown origin!”

“These two children were only defending themselves, what’s wrong with them?” Fu Beijue’s voice was full of coldness, “On the contrary, this young master of the Zhou family, bullying the small with the big, bullying the small with the big, six or seven boys bullying a young girl, who do you think, should be locked up and educated?”

His words left everyone dumbfounded.

Their own grandchildren, who knew in their own hearts, usually invited cats and dogs and did not stop bullying people.

It was not impossible for them to gang up and bully a little girl now.

But so what if they were bullies?

They are such a big family, can’t they allow their grandson to bully a little girl of unknown origin?

A few noblewomen gnashed their teeth in hatred.

But the other party was Fu Beijiu, so they didn’t dare to say a word.

Fu Beijiu raised his wrist and looked at the time: “There are still ten minutes left, the police should be coming.”

The noblewomen panicked, they couldn’t let their grandson go to jail no matter what, if this got out, the family would lose all their face.