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HC Chapter 33

Lord Fu Bei stood long and tall.

He stood in a black suit in the courtyard, and the cold air around him wandered freely.

It was clearly only early spring, but the people present felt that it had instantly turned into the cold winter months, and some timid children were so scared that their faces turned blue and white.

Fu Beijue’s gesture was proof that his words just now were not a joke.

The police will really come and will really arrest these children at the police station ……

The family background of the girls is indeed at the top of the pyramid in Haicheng, but, the Fu family is at the top even more.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

The few noblewomen who had just been arrogant clenched their back teeth grooves to death, those few pairs of grim eyes swept over Fu Ziling and Little Yinyin, then reluctantly looked at Fu Beijue.

“Mr. Fu, it’s just kids playing around, it’s not necessary to call the police over.”

“Yes Mr. Fu, our two families still have cooperation, there is no need to make a scene out of some things, don’t you think so?”

“Besides, my child has been injured, so we’re even.”

Fu Beijiu smiled coldly: “So, this matter is just over?”

A few noblewomen looked at each other, barely squeezing out a smile, “Then what does Mr. Fu mean?”

“An apology.” Fu Beijiu spoke coldly, “Apologise to whoever you hurt.”

The Xie family’s great aunt was trembling with anger.

Zeyu was hurt like this, and she still wanted her to apologise to that little mute? There was no way!

How could the noblewomen in the audience think otherwise?

Their grandson had been injured like this, and they were not going to pursue the matter, but they still wanted them to condescend to apologise?

No way!

Several of the noblewomen had stern faces, their faces suppressed with anger.

Fu Beijiu shrugged his shoulders indifferently, “Fine, then let the police intervene.”

The word “police” directly pinpointed the lifeline of the noblewomen present.

If the police did intervene, the matter would definitely become a big deal, and then the reporters would come to cover it, and the image of the family group would definitely be damaged.

The noblewomen weighed their options for a full three minutes before uniting their opinions.

Then they turned their heads and looked at Little Yinyin who was covered in dirt: “I’m sorry.”

Seeing that his daddy had made these noblewomen bow down in two or three words, Fu Ziling was pained to death.

He snorted coldly, “Such a small voice, the apology is not sincere at all.”

The noblewomen: “……”

I can’t wait to stuff this boy’s mouth with mud!

Great Aunt Xie was so angry that her internal organs were about to explode, she hugged Zhou Zeyu who was crying and out of breath, and coldly said word by word, “Little Yinyin, what happened today, it was your brother’s fault, he shouldn’t have laughed at you for being mute, and he shouldn’t have made a move on you, I apologize to you in his place.”

Hearing these words, the noblewomen froze.

Madam Xie knew this little girl?

This little girl called out to the Zhou family young master’s brother?

Then, whose child is this little girl?

Why didn’t anyone come looking for the child when there was so much commotion here?

Fu Beijiu spoke coldly: “Since you have apologized, then all of you should disperse.”

The people here were begging for it.

Staying with Duke Fu was turning them into ice cubes.

The noblewomen hugged their grandchildren and hurriedly fled the scene, while Grand Aunt Xie gave Little Yinyin an indignant stare.

The people had finally gone.

Step by step, Fu Beijiu walked towards Fu Ziling.

The little one’s face instantly turned white with fear and his entire body tensed up.

Yesterday he ran away from home and daddy wanted to lock him up for three days, yet he sneaked out again, only to fear that the punishment would be even more terrifying ……

“What the hell is going on here?”

Fu Beijiu asked in a cold voice.

Fu Zi Ling lightly hummed, “Didn’t Daddy just see it all from the balcony?”