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HC Chapter 34

Lord Fu Bei tensed his jaw.

He hadn’t really seen anything, except for the sound of children crying.

When walking over, as soon as he saw the dirty little girl, the fire in his heart could not be tensed.

Such a cute little girl could never have taken the initiative to hit someone.

Then, it was only possible that she was being bullied.

Sure enough, with a casual swindle from him, the noblewomen caved in.

Fu Beijiu’s cold eyes swept towards Fu Ziling’s bodyguard.

The bodyguard stepped forward and respectfully reported, “Those children made fun of this young lady for not being able to speak and being mute, the two parties got into a row, the young master couldn’t see it and ordered his subordinates to take action to help the young lady out.”

Can’t speak?


Fu Beijue’s dark eyes were slightly stunned.

He looked towards Little Yinyin, and a sudden dull pain spread slowly across his heart.

He squatted down, level with the little girl, and beckoned, “Come to uncle, uncle will see where you are hurt.”

Little Yinyin’s big eyes reflected the figure of Fu Beijiu.

She pursed her thin pink lips and, step by step, walked towards Fu Beijue and then, pulled on Fu Beijue’s finger.

Seeing this scene, Fu Ziling was very unhappy.

It was clearly him who had just saved his little sister, so why was she not even willing to hold his hand?

He was cuter and more handsome than daddy, so why didn’t little sister like him?

Fu Ziling beamed with anger.

Only, no one noticed him at all.

Fu Beijue was a person with a very serious cleanliness problem, and he would normally retreat when he saw anything dirty.

But now, he was hugging the little mud person in front of him into his arms.

What a cute and soft little girl, how did she get bullied like this ……

“Go, uncle will take you to wash it.”

Fu Beijue carried little Yinyin to the rest room, and Fu Ziling followed with a face full of unhappiness.

And at this moment, Ye Yunla was going crazy.

She held Ye Jingzhan and went to look for Old Lady Xie, only to learn that Little Yinyin had suddenly lost her temper and run off alone.

She searched all over the villa, only to find out from the maid that a little girl had been bullied in the backyard ……

So, she went to the backyard again.

But just in time to see Fu Beijiu leaving with Little Yinyin in his arms.

Even from a few dozen metres away, Ye Yunla saw her daughter, who was covered in a mess, at a glance.

She rushed over with a single bound and snatched Little Yinyin back before Fu Beijue could react.

She looked at her daughter in her arms and anger instantly swept over her.

She stared at the two men in front of her, “What have you done to my daughter?”

Fu Beiji frowned: “Miss Ye, what do you mean?”

Ye Yunla’s hands were trembling as she held the child.

She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down, “I know my daughter offended Mr. Fu a few days ago, but she is just a child who doesn’t know any better, isn’t it too much for Mr. Fu to do this?”

Fu Beijiu didn’t hold back his breath and laughed.

The heartache he had just felt for this little girl was considered to have been fed to the dogs.

He tensed his jaw and stared into Ye Yunla’s pair of eyes, not wanting to say a single word.

“Aunt Yunara, you misunderstood ……” Fu Ziling tugged at the hem of Ye Yunla’s shirt and said aggressively, “We didn’t bully our little sister ……”

Fu Ziling’s eyes were red with aggression.

No wonder this woman didn’t like him, it turned out that she had such a cute and beautiful daughter ……

There seems to be a son as well ……

She has two children, so how could she like him ……