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HC Chapter 35

Fu Ziling sucked in his nose and pushed his aggression down.

His eyes floated with tears, causing Ye Yunla’s heart to seize.

Although this child was a bit naughty, there was absolutely no way he would bully little Yinyin.

And how could Fu Beijue, an adult, possibly make a move on a little girl who was only four years old.

She was truly bewitched, actually thinking that the Fu family father and son were bullying her daughter.

Ye Yunla pursed her scarlet lips and spoke softly, “Mr. Fu, Young Master Fu, I misunderstood you guys, I’m sorry, thank you for helping Little Yinyin out.”

“So your sister’s name is Little Yinyin, how nice.” Fu Ziling blinked his dark eyes, “Auntie Yunara, can I be Little Yinyin’s brother, I will protect her like I did tonight and won’t let anyone bully her!”

Ye Yunla smiled faintly, “That depends on whether Little Yinyin is willing or not.”

Fu Ziling hurriedly went to take the little girl’s hand, “Sister, can I be your brother?”

However, there was no response.

Little Yinyin’s pair of eyes were fixed on Fu Beijue, her eyes full of greed.

Ye Yunla didn’t understand at all why Little Yinyin was so interested in Fu Beijue, it was like this on the main road a few days ago, and now it was like this again.

She hugged the child in her arms tightly and said in a light voice, “Mr. Fu, I’ll go and treat Little Yinyin’s wound first, excuse me.”

“Auntie Yunla, my hand is also injured, can you help me with that too?”

Fu Ziling took the opportunity to lift his own hand.

It was a small cut from an accidental cut in the flower bed just now, a small cut, not even a bloodstain.

But the young master of the Fu family, his skin was too tender, so naturally this wound could not be left unattended.

Ye Yunla smiled gently and said, “Then you can come upstairs with me.”

They walked up the stairs from the backyard to the first floor, and before they could enter the room, she noticed that there was an extra person behind her.

She frowned at the man following her up, “Mr. Fu, what are you?”

“My son is alone with a stranger, I’m not at ease.” Fu Beijiu said with coldly pursed lips.

All right.

Ye Yunla shrugged her shoulders dispensably.

She pushed open the door to the room and walked in, putting little Yinyin down, helping her take off her dirty clothes outside, then carrying her into the shower.

The only two people left in the room were the Fu family, father and son, staring at each other with wide eyes.

Fu Beijiu said in a cold voice: “You sneaked out of the house several times just to see this woman?”

Fu Ziling snorted lightly, “What does it have to do with you?”

“I think the punishment is too light.” Fu Beijue stared at him coldly, “Since confinement won’t hold you, then give me a few years of reflection abroad before coming back.”


Fu Zi Ling yelled in protest.

If he left the country, then he would never see this woman again.

It was the first time he liked someone so much that he couldn’t wait to be with her every day!

Daddy is clearly beating up the lovebirds with a stick!

Fu Beijiu’s lips were full of coldness.

Because Fu Ziyan was the eldest, he was extra strict with Fu Ziyan. Now Fu Ziyan could already take charge of himself, but Fu Zi Ling was still like a two or three year old.

The gap between the two brothers is widening, and there is bound to be a lot of strife in the future.

It was time to raise Fu Ziling.

Fu Ziling’s body stiffened at the look in his daddy’s eyes.

He always felt that he would not have a good day ahead of him ……

The father and son were confronting each other when the bathroom door opened.

Ye Yunla walked out of the bathroom holding a pink glutinous rice ball.

In the dense mist of the bathroom water, little Yinyin’s skin was like a freshly peeled egg, so watery and tender that you wanted to take a bite.

Her hair was damp on her forehead, her big eyes fluttered, her watery eyes swept down a shadow of feathery lashes, her beauty was breathtaking.

Fu Beijiu’s heart instantly softened to a mess.