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HC Chapter 36

Why were there two sons in his family?

How come there wasn’t a daughter born?

If only he had a daughter, he would have spoiled her into the most enviable little princess in the world.

Fu Beijue wanted to go over and hug the little girl, but restrained himself.

This was this woman Ye Yunla’s daughter!

This woman had ulterior motives, and her daughter might just be pretty!

Fu Beijiu shifted his gaze with difficulty, copying his pocket with one hand, releasing cold air all over his body.

And Fu Ziling had long since pounced on him.

He really couldn’t resist and pinched little Yinyin’s face.

The little girl indifferently opened his hand, her eyes full of caution.

“Little Yinyin, from now on I’ll be your big brother, I’ll protect you well, shall I help you blow-dry your hair?”

Little Yinyin, who had always been unresponsive to outside sounds, shook her head vigorously.

Ye Yunla was surprised.

In the past, no matter what she said, Little Yinyin would not respond to anything, even a simple nod and shake of her head was rare.

But now, Little Yinyin was actually responding to a strange child.

Little Yinyin seemed to be very unusual to this father and son of the Fu family, why on earth was that?

While applying medicine to Little Yinyin, Ye Yunla said softly, “This little brother won’t hurt you, let him blow your hair, okay?”

“Yes yes, I will be very, very gentle and I won’t hurt you, if I hurt you, you can hit me!” Fu Zi Ling promised aloud.

For a long time.

Only then did Little Yinyin finally nod her head.

Ye Yunla’s eyes became even more complicated.

Originally, she had hoped that Grandma would give Little Yinyin more love and let Little Yinyin come out of her closed world of self.

Unexpectedly, the ones who made Little Yinyin change were two strangers.

Fu Ziling was so happy that he took the hairdryer and blew Little Yinyin’s hair in a decent manner.

The three of them sat on the carpet beside the bed, forming a cosy picture.

Fu Beijiu stood far away, his heart suddenly very uncomfortable.

He was a big living man standing here, and this woman didn’t even greet him by sitting down?

And this brat Fu Ziling, after having a sister, he actually didn’t even care about him, his own father!

Fu Beijiu felt particularly redundant.

He turned around and wanted to leave.

However, the little girl suddenly glanced at him.

This glance was like a million rays of light shining on a glacier, instantly melting the ice and snow.

The coldness around Duke Fu’s body was instantly dispersed.

His heart was serene and the corners of his lips curved up slightly, forming an arc of a smile.

In the room, the atmosphere was harmonious.

And the door to the room was left open, and outside the doorway, stood a tiny child.

Ye Jingzhan’s eyes were full of shock as he withdrew his own gaze.

How could he have ever thought that the man he thought was his daddy, would have a son.

That son, moreover, was about the same age as him.

In other words, if Fu Beijue was really his and Little Yinyin’s father, then five years ago when Mummy was pregnant, there was also another woman who was pregnant with Fu Beijue’s child.

A man who got two women pregnant at the same time was not worthy of being Little Yinyin’s father.

Such a man is not worthy of being Little Yinyin’s father, nor is he worthy of Little Yinyin’s love.

Such a father, it was better not to have one.

Ye Jingzhan took out the saliva test paper from his pocket and threw it into the bin with an expressionless face.