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HC Chapter 37

The Xie family’s party did not break up until 10 o’clock at night.

And at this moment, the news on the internet had festered to the extreme.

Various hot topics were being topped up.

“The stunning return of the former Hai Cheng’s number one beauty!”

“A breakdown of the scandals of the former Hai Cheng’s No.1 beauty!”

“Ye Yunla announced that she had severed her blood ties with the Ye family.”

“Shares of the Ye Group vested ……”


The Ye family instantly became the headlines on all major news platforms in Hai Cheng.

Watching the news on the TV, Ye Zhenshan was so angry that he directly smashed the remote control, “I should have just strangled her to death back then, she actually dared to announce in front of the media that she had severed ties with the Ye family, how dare she say such words!”

“Old Ye, take it easy, that girl is obviously back for revenge.” Xu Yuying sneered and brushed aside her mouth, “It’s better if the relationship is severed, so that she won’t have a reason to take those shares back then.”

When Ye Yunla had died, the fifty percent of shares in her name had been transferred to Ye Xueying’s name in name only.

Now that she had returned alive and had taken it upon herself to announce the severance of her relationship, then, those shares, she could never take them back again.

Ye Zhenshan’s anger was finally calmed down a bit, however, beside her, Ye Xueying suddenly shouted in alarm.

“Dad, that b*tch Ye Yunla has bought so many water forces to smear our Ye family!”

She handed her phone over, and when she saw the hot search on her phone, Ye Zhenshan lost his breath and almost died in place.

Ten minutes ago, an account had posted a post that focused on information about the change of Ye’s group’s shareholding, and then that blogger had painted a big drama of a power grab by a powerful family based on this information.

“At the age of eighteen, Ye Yunla was holding fifty percent of Ye’s Group and also became the future heir of Ye’s Group, but the day after she became the heir, something happened and she became the biggest laughing stock in Haicheng. The biggest beneficiary of Ye Yunla’s accident was the Ye family’s second young lady, who was not Ye Yunla’s real sister, and Mrs. Ye and Ye’s second young lady had enough motive to set up the frame.”

“But after Ye Yunla’s accident, she was not willing to hand over her equity, so Madam Ye and Ye Xueying simply did not do anything about it and directly took Ye Yunla’s life, then logically took away Ye Group’s equity, and Ye Xueying also became the Ye family heir by the way.”

“Who would have thought that Ye Yunla would not die, but come back alive instead?”

“No matter what, the people in the Ye family are too disgusting, Mrs. Ye is adept at scheming, Ye Xueying is hypocritical and vicious, and Ye Zhenyan is a wimp and stupid, being played with …… How can these three people have the nerve to snatch away the shares belonging to Ye Yunla?”

“Many deeds will kill you, sooner or later the Ye Group will be finished!”


A round of boycott of Ye Group products was launched online.

As a result of this campaign, Ye Group’s share price actually plummeted, and in just two hours, the company evaporated two hundred million dollars.

Ye Zhenshan was so angry that his chest hurt.

He said in a hateful voice, “Ye Yunla, that star of death, why didn’t she just die outside and forget about it, as soon as she came back, the Ye Group suffered, I’m so angry!”

“Dad, now is not the time to talk about this, let’s hurry up and think of a solution.” Ye Xue Ying pinched her palm and said, “Now I am the heir of the Ye Group, it is true that I stole my sister’s position, if I return the heir position to my sister, the public opinion on the internet will not be broken.”

“No way!” Xu Yuying gritted her teeth, “You are the one who has the ability to lead the Ye Group to greatness, why should you give it out to that little b*tch Ye Yunla!”

“Your mother is right.” Ye Zhangshan snorted coldly, “I can only come out to settle this matter, hurry up and find reporters and hold a press conference.”