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HC Chapter 53

Fu Ziling was instantly furious.

“Big brother, I was kind enough to share my heart with you and you threw cold water at me, I’ll never talk to you again, humph!”

He hung up the phone in anger, so angry he couldn’t even eat his biscuits.

And Fu Ziyan, who was far away overseas, coldly turned his head to look at the a*sistant beside him, “I’m going back to Haicheng tomorrow, book me a flight.”

“Young master, tomorrow you have to go to the branch office for inspection, and the day after tomorrow you have to attend the overseas shareholders’ meeting …… All of these were personally explained down by General Manager Fu.”

“Then book me a ticket for three days later.”

Fu Ziyan said with a small face.

That woman Ye Yunla was coming on strong, leaving his mother’s family defenseless, and he had to make a trip back to China.

Then again, Ye Yunla had played a trick to get close to Fu Ziling, he had to go back and keep an eye on it, otherwise that foolish man Fu Ziling would definitely step into the trap.


The birthday banquet of Old Lady Ye is this Friday.

After sending the two children to kindergarten, Ye Yunla drove to the Ye family.

The other day, the Ye family was at the top of the public opinion and was being criticized, so the Ye family did not dare to have a big birthday party for the old lady.

Those who came to the birthday banquet today were all the nearest relatives of the Ye family.

As soon as Ye Yunla appeared at the entrance of the Ye family, she attracted everyone’s attention.

“Yah, it’s really Yara, Yara really isn’t dead.”

“Lara is even more beautiful than she was four or five years ago, come over here, let second aunt take a look.”

The Ye family’s second aunt and third aunt all gathered around, taking Ye Yunla’s hand and touching it, asking about her recent history over the past few years.

Compared to her indifferent father, these two aunts’ questions gave Ye Yunla a touch of irony in her heart as she smiled and said, “Second and third aunts look younger than they did four or five years ago, I almost didn’t recognise them.”

With a good-natured smile on her face, she climbed into conversation with the Ye family’s relatives in a breezy manner.

Ye Xueying stood in the doorway, the grimness at the end of her eyes almost impossible to hide.

After a lapse of four or five years, I didn’t expect Ye Yunla, the little b*tch, to still be the same as before, when she appeared, she was the star of the crowd.

It was obvious that she was the heir to the Ye family, but all the relatives of the Ye family were actually surrounding Ye Yunla!

Ye Xue Ying was so angry that she almost gritted her silver teeth.

Xu Yuying walked over and gave her a tug, and only then did she suppress the anger in her heart.

“Xue’er, you are the future young lady of the Fu family, you have to be calm in everything, on an occasion like today, you should look at everything with grace, never lose your poise.” Xu Yuying lowered her voice and said, before striding towards Ye Yunla’s direction.

She originally had a cold look on her face, and when she walked in front of Ye Yunla, tears suddenly began to fall down in large pellets.

“Yara, you’ve finally come back ……” Xu Yuying hugged Ye Yunla into her arms as she cried, “It was my fault back then, I shouldn’t have agreed to put you in the warehouse to fend for yourself …… Yara, in the past four or five years, this is the thing I regret the most. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since you left and I missed you so much …… You’re finally back and our family of four is finally reunited ……”

She cried with tears in her eyes, and with this look, people who did not know would think that Ye Yunla was her own daughter when they saw her.

The corners of Ye Yunla’s mouth hung with a smile-like arc.