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HC Chapter 54

Since Xu Yuying was going to continue to play up the illusion of mother-daughter harmony, she was happy to cooperate.

She was hugged by Xu Yuying for a while before she pushed the person away and said in a resigned voice, “Mother, I miss you too …… These four or five years I have been wandering outside and homeless, what I missed most was my mother’s love and care for me …… Now that I’m back, will mother still love and spoil me like she did before?”

A hint of smugness emerged in Xu Yuying’s eyes.

Ye Yunla, this stinky girl, was really still the same as she was four or five years ago, as long as she pretended to show a little concern, this girl would jump into the trap she had laid with one foot.

Such a stupid girl, and she still wanted to take revenge on the Ye family?

What the hell! Dream on!

The smile on Xu Yuying’s face became even more loving as she took Ye Yunla’s hand and said lovingly, “Of course, I’ve always treated you as if you were my own daughter, no matter what mistakes you’ve made, I will always love you.”

With that, she took Ye Yunla’s hand and walked towards the house.

Several people were already seated at the round dining table in the house.

The Ye family’s second uncle, third uncle and Ye Zhenshan sat down in turn around old Mrs. Ye, while Xu Yuying took Ye Yunla’s hand and sat on the other side of the table.

She suppressed her emotions and spoke softly, “Grandma, LaLa is back.”

Old Mrs. Ye trembled and gently patted the back of her hand, sighing, “It’s good to be back …… It’s good to be back ……”

After all was said and done, that was all that was said, nothing more was said.

Ye Yunla’s heart was a little cold.

But, she could also understand why her grandmother was like this.

She had after all disappeared for four years, and from the Ye family by such tragic means, and during those four years, Xu Yuying’s mother and daughter didn’t know how many whispers she had given to her grandmother.

Perhaps, grandmother also decided that she had set that fire back then, and also decided that she had given birth to a child before marriage and brought shame to the family ……

If her grandmother is convinced of these facts but doesn’t scowl at her, that means she still cares about her as a granddaughter ……

“Lara, you’ve lost a lot of weight, eat more meat ……” Xu Yuying played the role of a loving mother to the fullest, constantly giving Ye Yunla dishes, and soon her bowl was bubbling over.

Although so much happened four or five years ago, and the Ye family was in the internet headlines four or five days ago, this birthday banquet, the crowd very tacitly did not mention it.

Second Aunt Ye and Third Aunt Ye shushed Ye Yunla, as if they really cared about this niece.

But in her heart, Ye Yunla knew that in the past few years, the Ye family’s eldest house had been dominant, controlling the Ye Group both inside and outside, and the second and third houses had been suppressed very badly.

When she came back this time, the second and third aunts were probably trying to use her against Xu Yuying.

However, she also intended to use the second and third aunts to take advantage of the eldest family, so there was no psychological barrier to working together.

Before Ye Yunla could start digging a hole, Ye Xueying suddenly spoke up.

From the beginning of the meal until now, Ye Xueying had always had a smiling face, fully exemplifying what it meant to be a lady of the house.

However, seeing that Ye Yunla was mingling with the Ye family, she finally couldn’t sit still.

“Sister, what happened last time was really a misunderstanding ……” Ye Xue Ying spoke delicately, “I am now the heir of the Ye family, and I would have been protected by bodyguards when I traveled, those bodyguards were actually protecting me, not specifically targeting you in ambush …… Last time there was such a big misunderstanding that I couldn’t even successfully take my sister to find the tombstones of the two children, why don’t I take my sister over there again today?”

At these words, Ye Yunla laughed coldly.

The point of these words should not be to explain the siege by the bodyguards last time, the point is, to tell everyone here that she, Ye Yunla, had once given birth to two children of unknown origin ……