HC Chapter 55

Sure enough, as Ye Xueying’s words fell, the crowd at the table all changed their faces.

Four or five years ago, that fire had burned the entire Ye family, and with it, over a billion dollars worth of goods.

It had taken the Ye family two whole years to emerge from that turn of events.

And everyone in the Ye family was affected by the ripples.

It can be said that although Ye Yunla was a “dead person” back then, every time the Ye family mentioned her later, they gnashed their teeth.

Ye Yunla took in all the changes in people’s faces as she curled her lips and gently smiled, “I’ve always wanted to ask what my mother gave me to drink on the day of my eighteenth bar mitzvah, and why I pa*sed out after drinking it, and when I woke up later, I was in a hotel bed ……”

When this statement was made, Xu Yuying’s face suddenly changed.

Her eyes narrowed, “Lara, what are you babbling about?”

“Grandma, you know me, although I’m a bit capricious, I’ve never been a girl who messes around.” Ye Yunla bit her lip, her gaze foggy, “During the eight months I was locked up in the warehouse by my father, I thought about many, many things, and in the end I could only think of that one gla*s of wine. It was that gla*s of wine that caused so many things to happen to me that I couldn’t control, Grandma, I really didn’t mean to bring shame to the family ……”

Xu Yuying clenched her teeth.

This was something she had done very stealthily, leaving no evidence behind.

But, if Ye Yunla, the little b*tch, brought it up frequently, the old lady would definitely suspect her!

She was now the lady in charge of the Ye family, the future mother-in-law of Fu Beijiu, and she couldn’t leave a bit of dirt on her.

Thinking of this, Xu Yuying took a deep breath: “LaLa, you are my most beloved daughter, how could I harm you? Five years have pa*sed since that incident, so let’s not talk about it again. Now that you’re back, the most important thing is the future, the future must be good for us as a family.”

“Yes, we should look forward.” The corner of Ye Yunla’s mouth showed a weird curve, “Just now Xue’er said that she is now the heir to the Ye family?”

For some reason, Ye Xue Ying’s heart suddenly stuttered.

She forced up a smile, “Sister, back then everyone thought that you had died and I was the only child left in the Ye family, so naturally I would be the heir ……”

“But now I’m back, so Xue’er, isn’t it time for the heirship to be returned?”

On Ye Yunla’s face was a soft smile, but under her eyes was a sharp edge.

No one in the crowd had expected Ye Yunla to mention the heirship on her first day home.

The Ye family had been gallivanting in the shopping mall for many years and were used to roundabouts in everything, something so straightforward as asking for the heirship, something Ye Zhenshan had not expected to happen so quickly.

Ye Yunla became even more aggrieved, “Mother, didn’t you say you would love me like before, I want to get back the heirship that belongs to me, mother will definitely help me yes?”

Xu Yuying was caught off guard and maintained a smile on her face with difficulty, “LaLa, today is your grandmother’s birthday, the matter of the heirship, can we talk about it tomorrow?”

By tomorrow, this brat’s corpse would be cold, and the matter of the heir would no longer need to be mentioned.

Who would have thought that Aunt Ye would have spoken up, “Sister-in-law, I think that what Lara said makes sense, before she died, so the heirship went to Xue’er. But now, isn’t it a bit unreasonable for her to hog LaLa’s things like that again, now that LaLa is back alive?”

Aunt Ye followed and helped, “I think sister-in-law just can’t give back her shares, fifty percent, a huge sum of money, if it were me, I wouldn’t be able to give it back either.”

Xu Yuying’s face turned green.

These two sisters-in-law were deliberately trying to see her bleed out!

“In the matter of the heir, how can you just change it?” Ye Zhenshan said in a cold voice, “Lara, don’t stir up muddy water as soon as you get home, eat properly!”