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HC Chapter 56

Ye Yunla’s eyes grew a little colder.

Xu Yuying would at least pretend to be a doting mother for a bit, but her father, actually revealed his true nature just like that.

Of course she knew that it was impossible to ask for the shares of the Ye Group back today, no, it should be according to the level of shamelessness of the Ye family, it was impossible for her to ask for the shares just like that.

However, she had to open her mouth at this time, and it would be good to give a few people in the Ye family a hard time.

She bit her lower lip and said pitifully, “Father, I can do without the status of heir, but can you give me back the shares of the Ye Group? That’s the inheritance my mother left me, I want to return it to its rightful owner ……”

Ye Zhenshan’s face became even more ugly.

He had been unable to give up this daughter, but now it seemed that there was no need to stay.

She should have died in that fire after bringing shame to the family four or five years ago.

Now as soon as she came back she was causing trouble and was a curse to keep ……

“There is truth in what LaLa said.” Old Mrs. Ye, who had been silent, spoke up, “Those shares were originally something that belonged toara, and since she is still alive, they should belong to her.”

“Mum!” Xu Yuying became anxious and finally couldn’t pretend anymore, “Xue’er has made so much contribution to Ye’s group in these four years, once Lara came back, Xue’er is nothing …… I’m not being biased towards Xue’er, I just think that no matter what you do, you have to be fair. Both Yara and Xue’er are the daughters of the Ye family, we can’t favour one over the other.”

Ye Yunla hadn’t expected her grandmother to speak out in defence of her at all.

In fact, today, she hadn’t even thought about taking her shares back, because no one would spit out what they had already eaten.

But since her grandmother had said so, she had to make Xu Yuying spit out some of it.

She continued to speak, “Mother is right, everything must be fair, how about this, the inheritance my mother left behind, I will give twenty-five percent of the shares to Xue’er without compensation, father, what do you think of this?”

Hearing these words, Ye Xue Ying wanted to vomit blood.

It was said to be gifted to her!

Instead, it turned out that she had to set aside twenty-five percent of her estate to give to this little b*tch, Ye Yunla!

There was no way she would agree to this.

Old Mrs. Ye looked at Ye Yunla seriously, “Are you really willing to give twenty-five percent to your sister?”

“Grandma, I am willing.” Ye Yunla said softly, “In these four years, Xue’er is the heir to the Ye family and has given so much to the Ye family, these shares are what she deserves.”

Old Mrs. Ye nodded, “Xue’er, don’t thank your sister yet.”

Ye Xue Ying was so angry that she almost died in place.

Letting her take out her shares and still wanting her to open her mouth to say thank you, on what grounds?

Xu Yuying’s face also looked ugly as hell.

From the first day she entered the house, the old thing had always defended Ye Yunla, the stinking girl.

It had been four or five years since she had seen her, but it turned out that the old thing was still looking out for Ye Yunla in every way.

Why didn’t this old, immortal thing simply die in a hospital bed?