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HC Chapter 57

Ye Yunla hooked her lips faintly.

If she could get back half of the shares today, it wouldn’t be a wasted trip.

As for the remaining other half, I believed that before long, she would also get it back without any problems.

She smiled lightly, “Xue’er and I are close sisters, thank you is not necessary.”

It was not easy for Old Mrs. Ye, who was in poor health, to be able to make it out for the banquet.

Now that she had finally seen her eldest granddaughter who had disappeared for four years, the tight string around her old man’s heart broke and her body collapsed again.

“Housekeeper, prepare the share transfer agreement immediately, and sign it now.”

Old Madam Ye coughed and ordered in a cold voice.

Her health was not good and she might pa*s away at any moment, she had to divide this mess of the Ye family’s affairs clearly before she pa*sed away.

“Grandma, there’s no need to be in such a hurry, is there?” Ye Xueying pushed down the reluctance in her heart and said, “It’s just as well to sign the agreement tomorrow.”

Xu Yuying also followed suit, “Yes mum, why rush this moment, today is your birthday, it’s not too late to do the transfer of shares tomorrow.”

Old Mrs. Ye frowned and was about to speak when a cold, bone-chilling voice suddenly came from the doorway of the restaurant.

“What’s all this chatter about, so lively?”

A long figure walked in from the doorway.

He was wearing a black suit, and his entire aura spread over his body, like a king who defied everything.

His face, as if it was a carefully carved craft by God, could not find a single flaw no matter which angle he looked from.

As soon as he entered, Ye Xueying’s eyes let out a light, her face full of disbelief.

Fu Beijiu, he had actually come ……

Today her grandmother’s birthday, she called him out of courtesy and invited him to come to the banquet.

For the past four years, every time the Ye family held a banquet, she had invited him, but he hadn’t come once, so this time she didn’t hold out any hope.

Who would have thought that when there was no hope, he would come.

Fu Beijiu, he actually came!

Ye Xueying’s excitement could not be hidden at all, she stepped on her high heels and greeted her: “Beijue, why didn’t you say you were coming over, we should have waited for you to dine together.”

Fu Beijue spoke indifferently, “I just happened to be pa*sing by and stopped by to wish the old lady a happy birthday, this is good tea, I hope the old lady will like it.”

He placed an exquisitely wrapped gift box in front of Old Madam Ye.

Knowing that the Fu family was not ordinary, Old Mrs. Ye did not mind his cold attitude and opened her mouth to order the maid to add a set of bowls and chopsticks.

Fu Beijue sat down straight away.

Both Ye Zhanshan and Xu Yuying were in a frenzy of joy.

In the past four years, Duke Fu had never set foot in the Ye family, let alone eat a meal in the Ye family.

Tonight, however, Duke Fu Beijue had come.

Was it proof that Duke Fu Beiji had finally decided to marry Xue’er into the family?

The rest of the Ye family was also very happy, if Ye Xue Ying really married into the Fu family, then they could also follow the chickens and dogs.

“Beijue, try this dish, it tastes authentic and very good ……”

Ye Xueying excitedly gave Fu Beijue a dish.

The man’s face was the usual cold indifference: “I have a cleanliness fetish don’t you know?”

“I ……” Ye Xueying was suddenly dumbfounded, her face was red, “Right, sorry Beijue, I was too happy, so I forgot about this.”

She hurriedly plucked another dish away from Fu Beijue’s bowl.

The back and forth conversation between the two of them made the atmosphere at the table very awkward.

Fu Beijue also seemed to have realised this.

His clear, cold gaze unconsciously swept over Ye Yunla and spoke indifferently, “What were you guys talking about just now, why didn’t you continue?”

“No, nothing ……”