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HC Chapter 63

Ye Yunla looked at Fu Ziling seriously, “You are a man, don’t cry at every turn in the future.”

Little Yinyin, a little girl, hadn’t cried much since she was born.

“Auntie Yunara, I will never cry again ……” Fu Ziling sucked his nose, “I just …… haven’t seen you for too long and miss you a little ……”

As soon as he said these words, his own ears reddened first.

The corners of Fu Beijiu’s mouth twitched.

When did this little thing Fu Ziling still say such meaty words, how come he didn’t know?

Also, what kind of magic did this woman have in her that made Fu Ziling, the little devil, turn into an aggrieved and pitiful look?

Ye Yunla was also embarra*sed by the commotion.

In fact, she had a pretty good impression of this child, but Fu Ziling was a child of the Fu family, so if she cared too much for this child, she would always be somewhat suspected of climbing on the Fu family’s bandwagon.

She put Fu Ziling on the ground and said softly, “I still have things to do, I’ll go back first, bye.”


Fu Ziling wrapped his arms around her thighs.

His voice became choked up again, “You’ve only just arrived and you’re leaving, I haven’t even seen enough of you.”

Fu Beijiu: “……”

Who did you learn this meaty love talk from?

Ye Yunla helplessly held her forehead: “Fu Ziling, aunty really has something else to do ……”

“Woooooooooooo, I’m so pathetic ……” Fu Ziling’s tears that she had been holding back for a long time finally poured out, “Daddy keeps me at home studying every day, I can’t sleep or eat well, and now I haven’t even eaten lunch yet, I’m so hungry, I’m starving to death …… Auntie Yunara doesn’t like me either, she walks away when she sees me, am I really that annoying?”

The little one let go of Ye Yunla’s thighs and squatted on the floor crying wildly.

Tears were falling down one by one and the floor was wet.

A piece of Ye Yunla’s heart was just squeezed, and the feeling of suffocation spread throughout her body.

She also knelt down and said softly, “You said you hadn’t eaten lunch yet?”

Fu Ziling howled, “I haven’t eaten for a week, I’m so hungry, I’m about to be starved to death ……”

Ye Yunla raised her eyebrows and her gaze fell on Fu Beijue’s face.

It was a gaze that carried reproach, as if asking why a child would be left to starve.

Fu Beijue pursed his lips.

He didn’t care to explain, let alone explain his son’s affairs to an outsider.

Housekeeper Qiao hastily spoke, “The little young master is a picky eater, the chef doesn’t like the food he cooks, he throws down the bowls after two bites every day, the gentleman’s hair is turning white with worry.”

Ye Yunla understood, the little one really hadn’t eaten for days.

She took Fu Ziling’s hand and said softly, “Then will auntie make you lunch?”

Fu Ziling looked up sharply, his eyes full of disbelief, “Auntie Yunla, are you telling the truth?”

“Just see if your daddy can lend me the kitchen at your house for a while.”

As soon as Ye Yunla’s words fell, Fu Ziling turned around and hugged Fu Beiji’s thigh.

“Daddy, let Auntie Yunara go to the kitchen and make me lunch ok …… Daddy, I promise to be good and obedient from now on and never run around again ……”

It was a very strange feeling to be hugged by his own son’s thigh.

The two sons had never had too much physical contact with him since they understood.

And such pampering words had never been said to him by Fu Ziling.

He had never expected that Fu Ziling, this little devil, would actually pull down his young master’s stature to pamper himself for the sake of Ye Yunla.

It was truly beyond his expectation.

He nodded and said, “Fu Ziling, you asked for this yourself, so whatever food she makes, you must eat it clean.”

“Yes, daddy!”

Fu Ziling nodded happily and gave a salute.

Auntie Yunla was so pretty, the food she made must be especially delicious too.

He was already looking forward to it now.