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HC Chapter 64

And Fu Beijiu was somewhat disdainful.

This woman, a young lady with ten fingers that did not touch the sun, how could she possibly know how to cook?

Even if she had learnt to cook in the past few years, however, there was no way she could be as good as the chef the Fu family had spent a lot of money on.

What this father and son were thinking, Ye Yunla did not care.

She followed housekeeper Qiao into the kitchen, where all sorts of fresh ingredients were laid out, like the back kitchen of a big restaurant.

She swept around and took two tomatoes and a bag of hanging noodles out, intending to make a simple tomato noodle soup.

Housekeeper Qiao stood next to her and reminded, “The young master has never been a fan of noodles ……”

The implication was that she should hurry up and change one.

However, Ye Yunla smiled, “He has been hungry for so many meals, eat lighter to make his intestines bearable.”

After saying that, she lit the fire and poured the oil, all the movements were done in one go.

Butler Qiao stood to the side, silently watching his eyes and nose.

The young master never had an attitude of disdain towards anyone, but this woman, however, had received special treatment from the young master.

Moreover, this woman had been brought back by Sir.

In other words, this woman had the unanimous approval of both Sir and the young master, and absolutely could not be offended.

A bowl of noodles in clear soup was quickly prepared.

Ye Yunla carried the noodles out of the kitchen and placed them on the dining table.

Looking at the bowl of noodles in clear soup, Fu Beijue’s brows couldn’t help but knit.

Although he had long since decided that this woman could not cook, was a bowl of noodles in soup too perfunctory?

Every time Fu Zi Ling, the little thing, dined, a large table full of various delicacies must be set up, if just one bowl of noodles was served, this mixed up little devil would definitely lift the table ……


Fu Zi Ling, however, was clapping his hands in delight.

“Wow, Auntie Yunla, you’re so good, you cooked the noodles so quickly!” The little one inhaled excitedly, “It smells so good! It smells so good! I’ve never smelt anything like it before! Auntie Yunla, can I start now?”

Ye Yunla stroked his head, “It’s a bit hot, eat slowly.”

Fu Ziling took his chopsticks and started to suck in the noodles, bite after bite, he couldn’t stop at all.

Butler Qiao’s whole body was dumbfounded.

It wasn’t that the kitchen had never made noodles before, but as soon as they were served, the young master smashed the bowl and never dared to make noodles for the young master afterwards.

But now, the young master almost finished a bowl of noodles in one breath ……

Could it be that the cook he had found back was really too bad?

Butler Qiao fell into a deep self-doubt.

And Fu Beijiu, too, was in disbelief.

Fu Ziling, who had been a picky eater since he could eat, at this moment, was actually hugging a bowl of noodles as big as a sea bowl and eating it with great gusto.

This noodle, was it really that delicious?

Fu Beijue’s gaze moved to the noodles in vegetarian soup.

There was nothing surprising about it at all.

What exactly had captured this boy’s heart?

Suddenly, Fu Beijiu had the urge to taste the noodles ……


Fu Beijiu almost spurted out a mouthful of old blood.

Even if he wanted to eat, he couldn’t possibly take food from a child’s mouth, could he?

Fu Ziling always felt that daddy was too dangerous, and he moved towards Ye Yunla’s position with the bowl in his arms.

He moved towards Ye Yunla’s position with the bowl in his arms, but accidentally missed his footing and plunged forward.

A large bowl of noodle soup was just splashed on Ye Yunla’s chest without any warning ……