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HC Chapter 65

The bowl of vegetarian noodles in soup, without any seasoning, was about the same colour as water.

A bowl of soup was splashed on Ye Yunla’s chest and her clothes were immediately soaked through, the outline of her underwear clearly printed out.

“Right, sorry!”

Fu Ziling was going to be scared to death.

Auntie Yunara had come to him once in a while, and he had done such a stupid thing.

“Let me wipe it for you ……”

He hurriedly went to get a tissue and disliked it towards Ye Yunla’s chest.

Fu Beijue’s eyebrows suddenly jumped.

For some reason, he resented Fu Ziling touching such an intimate part of this woman.

He stood up coldly, “Miss Ye had better go and change a dress.”

Ye Yunla used a tissue to block the springiness of her chest.

She felt that her shirt was all wet, and her underwear seemed to be wet too.

Dressed like this, there was no way she could go out.

She pursed her lips and said, “I want to take a shower and blow dry my clothes, I wonder if it’s convenient for Mr. Fu?”

“Convenient, of course it’s convenient!”

Fu Ziling nodded hastily, took Ye Yunla’s hand and headed upstairs.

He pushed open the door to a room on the first floor, “This is my room, there are lots of new clothes in my closet, Auntie Yunla, pick one at your leisure.”

The wardrobe door opened and all of them were cool clothes for boys.

Ye Yunla: “……”

Even if she is petite, she can’t wear children’s clothes, right? ……

“Miss Ye, there are dresses worn by women over here.” Fu Beijue stood at the entrance of the room at some point and blandly threw down this sentence.

Ye Yunla stroked Fu Ziling’s head and followed Fu Beijue to the next room.

In this room was a large clothes rack with rows of dresses from major luxury brands hanging on the rack, the tags had not even been removed, and they were new at first glance.

“Take your pick.”

Fu Beijue sat on the sofa and said in a light voice.

Ye Yunla pursed her lips, “Thank you, Mr. Fu.”

She was about to take the dress to the bathroom when she saw a sticky note attached to the dress.

There was a name written on the sticky note, Ye Xueying.

These clothes, they were for Ye Xueying!

She suddenly felt like she was holding something dirty in her hand and put it back with a jerk.

The fact that the Fu family had a whole row of clothes prepared for Ye Xueying could only mean that Ye Xueying’s relationship with Fu Beijiu was much closer than she had imagined.

Ye Yunla suddenly didn’t even want to change her clothes.

She pursed her lips and said, “I’d better go home and change my clothes, Mr. Fu, I’ll leave first.”

Fu Beijue’s eyes narrowed.

He could feel that this woman’s mood had suddenly changed dramatically after seeing these clothes.

These clothes were all new, what was wrong with them?

He spoke indifferently, “Miss Ye, this face of yours is enough to attract people to commit crimes, what do you want to do when you go out dressed like this?”

Ye Yunla looked down.

She saw that her front chest had become transparently wet and the lace of her pink lingerie could be seen clearly.

It was really not a good idea to go out looking like this.

She took a deep breath: “Then, let me blow dry my clothes.”

Fu Beijiu got up and walked out of the room, and came back in a short while, with an extra shirt in his hand.

“This is my shirt, if you don’t mind, you can put it on for now.”

He threw the shirt over.

Ye Yunla hurriedly caught it.

She would rather wear Fu Beijue’s clothes than touch anything of Ye Xueying’s.

She took the shirt and walked into the bathroom.

Clatter clatter clatter.