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HC Chapter 66

It was the sound of the shower falling down.

Fu Beijiu sat outside and suddenly his mouth went a little dry.

With a slight sideways glance, he could see the shadowed figure behind the gla*s door of the bathroom ……

After Ye Yunla finished dealing with the soup on her chest, she began to wash her own clothes.

Fu Beijue’s shirt was tossed aside by her, and she did not intend to put it on ……

However, after she had finished washing her clothes, she found that there was no hairdryer in the bathroom ……

Whether she went out to find one or asked the man outside to bring the hairdryer in, she couldn’t be naked ……

She had no choice but to pull the shirt over her body.

The white shirt was large, with a hemline that reached her knees and covered her all over.

Ye Yunla looked in the mirror and found that there was nothing wrong with her before she pulled open the bathroom door and walked out.

The steam in the bathroom was so thick that she felt like she was covered in a thin mist.

Even her skin, as if flooded with water mist, was as white as a baby’s skin ……

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this.

The whole person was just stunned.

He had never lost his temper over anything before.

Even back then, when Ye Xueying came to the door with her two sons in her arms, he was still unperturbed.

But now, he was just frozen.

This woman, she was just mind-blowingly beautiful.

No wonder she had been crowned the number one beauty in Hai Cheng when she was in her teens, she lived up to her name.

Being stared at by a burning sight, Ye Yunla, even the most calm person, was a little embarra*sed ……

She coughed and said, “Mr. Fu, may I ask where the hair dryer is?”

Her voice made Fu Beijue jerk awake.

D*mn it!

What was he doing, staring at a woman who had just taken a shower!

Where was his upbringing?

“I’ll go get you a hairdryer.”

Fu Beijue fled out of the room, he found the hairdryer from his bedroom and was about to go to the next room when he stopped in his tracks.

He couldn’t take a second look at that woman’s appearance, otherwise something would happen.

He was about to call out to Joe’s housekeeper to send the hairdryer over.

Then it occurred to him that Butler Joe was also a man, and although he was old, his gender was also male.

Men were all the same in their bad nature.

Fu Beijue had to resign himself to sending the hairdryer to Ye Yunla’s hand.

“Thank you, Mr. Fu.”

Ye Yunla turned around and went into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her, then concentrated on starting to blow her clothes.

Fu Beijue sat outside, listening to the sound of the buzzing hairdryer, and the dryness in his heart finally slowly dissipated.

Ten minutes later, Ye Yunla put on her own clothes and came out.

She had a polite smile on her face, “Mr. Fu, I’ve really bothered you today, I’ve washed and blow dried your clothes.”

She handed the snow-white shirt over.

Fu Beijiu took it.

On this shirt, there still seemed to be a faint fragrance of a woman’s body.

The knot in his throat rolled for a moment and he said faintly, “Come to Fu’s tomorrow, we’ll talk formally about the cooperation.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow then.”

Ye Yunla stepped on her high heels and walked downstairs.

Fu Ziling was doing his homework in the living room, when he saw her coming downstairs, he jumped up happily: “Auntie Yunla, will you stay a little longer?”

Ye Yunla didn’t dare to stay any longer.

The look in that man’s eyes just now was too frightening, he looked at her as if he was looking at some kind of prey.

“I’ll see you next time, I have to leave today, Fu Ziling, don’t pester me, or I won’t come next time.”

Fu Ziling waved his hand in resignation, “Then Auntie Yunla, see you next time ……”