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HC Chapter 67

Ye Yunla raised her wrist and glanced at the time, it was already past four in the afternoon and kindergarten would soon be dismissed.

It was surprising that she had unknowingly delayed her work at Fu’s house for so long.

She had wanted to go to the studio to have a look around, but now it was getting late, so she could only go to the kindergarten to pick up the two children first.

Ye Yunla drove to the kindergarten, waited at the entrance for a while, and then saw the two children walking out holding hands.

Around the two children, there was also a group of children surrounding them.

“Ye Jingzhan, you are so good today, you must be the best child in our kindergarten!”

“Ye Jingzhan, you are so handsome, I want to be your friend too, can you sit with me tomorrow?”

“I want to sit with my sister.” Ye Jingzhan spoke lightly, “If you’re willing to be friends with my sister, then I’ll treat you as a friend too.”

“Ye Yinyin looks so pretty, I’ll definitely become a pretty little princess too if I play with her!”

“I want to be friends with Ye Yinyin too!”

And so, the children next to them gathered around the little yin yin.

But the children all knew that Ye Yinyin did not like to talk and did not like to be touched, so although the children talked around her, they never crossed that line, so Little Yinyin did not resist too much, except that no matter what the children jabbered about, she did not react half-heartedly.

Watching this scene, Ye Yunla was very relieved.

She really didn’t think that these children would want to be friends with Yinyin.

She walked over on her high heels, immediately causing a gasp of surprise.

“Wow, Ye Jingzhan, is this your mum, she’s so pretty!”

“Your mum is like a fairy from heaven, no wonder you two siblings look so good!”

The children chattered non-stop around Ye Yunla.

Ye Yunla smiled gently, “Eat more fruit and drink more water, your skin will become white and you will grow prettier and prettier!”

The beauty loving little girls secretly took this one to heart.

After Ye Jingzhan said goodbye to them, he led little Yinyin to the car.

Ye Yunla smiled as she drove, “It seems that the teachers and children at this kindergarten are very well educated, I think Little Yinyin should be able to make friends here.”

Ye Jingzhan nodded, “The children are all very warm and welcoming, and little sister doesn’t reject them, so don’t worry mummy.”

As long as he was around, no one would dare to bully and belittle his sister.

Ye Yunla saw that scene with her own eyes and was indeed more at ease, she didn’t say anything else and drove seriously.

Ye Jingzhan twisted his head to look out the window at the scenery that kept receding.


His small brow creased and he pursed his lips, “Mummy, that black car behind us keeps following us.”

Ye Yunla wrinkled her eyebrows and looked in the rearview mirror, and sure enough, a black van was not far behind her car.

She gripped the steering wheel and turned the car left, the black van also followed and turned left.

She turned right, and the car followed suit, always about fifty metres away from her.

“Jing’er, hold your sister and sit still, Mummy will ditch that car first!”

Ye Yunla stepped on the accelerator and the car flew down the main road, constantly overtaking cars.

But it was obvious that the driver of the black van was a very good driver, as soon as her speed increased, the car was still following closely behind.