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HC Chapter 68

Ye Jingzhan’s eyebrows were furrowed tightly, “Mummy, let’s go to the restaurant first and see who the other party really is.”

In this situation, this was all that could be done for the time being.

Ye Yunla twisted the steering wheel and was about to park the car in front of a restaurant when suddenly, a loud noise came from behind her.

She looked through the rear-view mirror and saw that the van had actually been hit by a small car.

The rear of the car was dented into a big hole and it was impossible to drive.

The driver of the van was too scared to come down and ask for money, so he drove off in the smashed van.

The door of the van was pushed open and a man in a smoky grey suit stepped out.

This was a man who would have triggered a scream just by walking out.

His eyes were brown and glowed misty in the evening light, and a closer look revealed that they were a standard pair of peachy eyes.

With a smile zipping the corners of his mouth, the man walked up to Ye Yunla’s car with his two long legs.

He leaned against the car window, knocked on the door and smiled wickedly, “Little Yara, I said we would meet again.”

Ye Yunla lowered the car window and stared at him with a cold smile, “You really are a tart everywhere you go.”

Feng Chengyu, the rich second generation she had met abroad, was also a known playboy in the foreign gentry circle.

The first time they met, this tart had pursued her like a madman, and was finally beaten into submission by her with a few over-the-shoulder slaps before he finally gave up pestering her.

After he stopped pursuing her, the two became friends instead.

Before she returned home, the two of them had a meal together as a farewell dinner.

She really thought that it would be difficult to meet again, as Feng Chengyu had settled abroad and she would never leave the country again.

How could she have imagined that this tart would actually come to Haicheng.

“Uncle Feng, why are you here?” Ye Jingzhan’s little head came over and asked with a crooked head.

“Hey, little Jing’er, how many times have I told you, calling out to Uncle Feng is too foreign, calling out to Dad is closer.” Feng Chengyu roughly rubbed Ye Jingzhan’s hair and said with hooked lips, “Even if you don’t want to call out to Daddy, then calling out to Godfather is still acceptable to me.”

Ye Jingzhan avoided his hand and blandly pursed his pink lips, “As long as my mommy is willing, I’m fine with it.”

Feng Chengyu rolled his eyes.

If this woman, Ye Yunla, could agree, the sun would have to come out of the west.

He blinked his peach blossom eyes and looked at the docile little girl, “Still little Yinyin is the cutest, come, let me give her a hug.”

He forced his way into the back seat of the car and took little Yinyin in his arms.

Although the little girl didn’t react much, she didn’t reject Feng Chengyu’s touching her hair at all.

So he rubbed the little girl’s fluffy soft hair even more recklessly.

Ye Yunla lost her smile and shook her head.

There were not more than five people in the world who could be accepted by Little Yinyin, and Feng Chengyu was one of them.

As she drove, she asked, “How long are you staying in Haicheng this time?”

“Until you get bored with me.” Feng Chengyu said playfully, “Little LaLa, I haven’t had your cooking for a long time and I’m super eager to eat it. I’m going to eat every single one of Hai Cheng’s specialties today ……”

“You’re thinking good thoughts!” Ye Yunla glared at him, “I’ll cook you a meal, eat it and then sod off.”

She drove to the supermarket to purchase ingredients before returning home.

Feng Chengyu got out of the car with little Yinyin in his arms, his face full of awe, “D*mn, this villa of yours is awesome, how did you get the money to buy such a nice villa?”