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HC Chapter 69

Ye Yunla walked towards the villa carrying the ingredients, saying as she walked, “This is my grandmother’s house.”

“Your grandmother is really good to you.” Feng Chengyu tsked twice, “But no matter what, this house is your grandmother’s, and it’s not written in your name. How about this, if you marry me, I’ll give you a villa with a sea view on the Bund, and it will be in your name alone.”

Ye Yunla kicked over, “Feng Chengyu, if you keep talking nonsense, get out of my house!”

“Ouch, Yara, be gentle, it hurts me!” Feng Chengyu hugged little Yinyin and hid everywhere, “I’m sorry, I won’t tease you anymore.”

He ran to sit on the living room floor and played with little Yinyin as she stacked blocks.

Ye Jingzhan glanced at his sister and habitually opened his laptop to log into his personal account.

Suddenly, his brow furrowed and a hint of coldness surfaced in his warm eyes.

The surveillance video he had encrypted was actually being cracked.

One hundred and eight pa*swords, half of them had already been cracked.

He quickly clicked on the program page and entered the battle state in a second.

Every time the other party cracked a pa*sword, he reinforced the protection with a secret key, so that layer upon layer, this video had been added with hundreds of secret keys ……

However, the other party had no intention of giving up ……

“Little Jing’er, what are you doing?”

Feng Chengyu suddenly brought his head over.

Upon seeing what was going on, he suddenly laughed, “There are actually hacking masters in this world that are on par with Little Jing’er, that’s interesting.”

This kid had shown extreme hacking talent when he was three years old, and now, at just over four, he had already become one of the world’s top hacking masters.

If Little Lara hadn’t allowed Little Jing’er to use his hacking skills to make illegal profits, perhaps Little Jing’er would have become a great millionaire long ago.

He had always felt that when Little Jing’er got serious, he would be the world’s number one hacker.

Only now, Little Jing’er seemed to have met a formidable enemy.

Feng Chengyu stared at his screen for a while, moved a computer over and entered the battle program in a second.

The two of them encrypted the video at the same time, multiplying the speed by twice, leaving the enemy far behind ……

And on the other end of the computer –

Fu Ziyan’s hand flew over the keyboard, his hand so fast that he could only see swept streaks of shadow.

Beads of sweat were already appearing on his forehead, falling drop by drop onto the keyboard.

He had been in the hacking business for over a year and had never encountered such a strong enemy ……

This video was the surveillance of his mother’s ambush on Ye Yunla at the cemetery, and it had been festering on the internet for days, with a staggering number of retweets that he had to delete.

Fu Ziyan took a deep breath and his hands moved even faster.

But he alone was no match for two people, and soon, all the footage he had decrypted had been added with S-rank secret keys ……

Just then, Fu Beijiu pushed open the door and walked in.

There were no lights on in the study, and the blue light from the computer screen reflected on Fu Ziyan’s face, making the beads of sweat on his forehead appear even clearer.

“Ziyan, what are you doing?” Fu Beijiu stood a metre away from him and spoke coldly, “Did I say that you are not allowed to do anything with hacking technology anymore?”

Fu Ziyan pursed his white lips and said slowly, “For the sake of my mother’s reputation, I have to do this.”

The movements of his hands did not stop at all, but were even faster.

But it was useless even if he was faster, the other side was chasing him too closely and he didn’t have any time to breathe.

Step by step, Fu Beijiu came closer.

He finally got a good look at the video.

It was a surveillance video that had festered on the internet a few days ago, of Ye Xueying’s cemetery ambush and counter-attack by Ye Yunla’s counter-kill choke.

Although the heat of public opinion had dropped, as long as this video still existed, then Ye Xueying would never be able to clear her name.

As bad as Ye Xueying is as a person, she is still the mother of her children.