HC Chapter 70

Fu Beijiu tensed his jaw.

He stepped forward and picked up Fu Ziyan’s back collar.

“Daddy, you let go of me!” Fu Ziyan struggled up, “I swear, this is the last time I’ll be a hacker ……”

Fu Beijiu threw him away and sat himself down in front of the computer.

Fu Ziyan thought daddy would turn the computer off, but ended up seeing Fu Beijiu’s fingers land on the keyboard and crackle up.

Outsiders only know that Fu Beijiu is a business wizard.

Only Fu Ziyan knew that Daddy was the real master hacker.

When he was three years old, he unwittingly saw his daddy use the computer to fight with illegal hackers outside the country, which opened up his talent in this area.

With daddy’s help, this matter was resolved.

Half an hour later –

“Crap! Is that a man or a ghost on the other side?” Feng Chengyu slammed his fist on the computer, “Laozi was actually f*cking killed in reverse!”

Ye Jingzhan pursed his thin pink lips and spoke softly, “The other side changed in the middle, the one behind is the real hacker master, I’m not as good as him.”

He had been in the hacking world for a year and had never met these two people before.

The one at the front could be said to be on par with him, but the one at the back, I’m afraid it would take ten of him combined to stand up to him.

This round, he had lost.

Ye Yunla brought out the four dishes and one soup, and swept her gaze over, “Feng Chengyu, what are you doing badly with my son again?”

Feng Chengyu shoved the two laptops under the sofa slit and said calmly, “Little LaLa, I’m just asking how exactly little Jing’er will be willing to call me dad.”

“There might be a chance in another life.” Ye Yunla said indifferently.

“Little LaLa, you are too heartless!” Feng Chengyu held his heart and said exaggeratedly, “I’ve been chasing you for four years, even a stone should be warmed up, how can you be so indifferent, how can I be so miserable ……”

Ye Yunla: “……”

What a drama queen.

Ye Jingzhan pulled out a chair and sat down, and spoke indifferently, “Uncle Feng, hurry up and eat, if you are late sister will eat all the dishes.”

Feng Chengyu was startled and hurriedly sat down at the table.

He had seen how much little Yinyin ate, and she ate even more than he did.

If he moved slowly, he would only be able to have soup later.

The meal ended with a few people laughing.

Feng Chengyu, however, hugged the blanket on the sofa and refused to leave: “I don’t have a house in Haicheng, so I’ll stay with you today.”

Ye Yunla kicked him in the leg, “I’ll give you money and get yourself a room.”

“No, I have a cleanliness fetish, I’ll get a rash from sleeping in a hotel.” Feng Chengyu hugged Little Yinyin and cried, “Little Yinyin, Uncle Feng loves you the most, today your mommy is going to drive Uncle Feng to sleep on the street, Uncle Feng will freeze to death from the night temperature, Little Yinyin, will you help Uncle Feng?”

Ye Yunla forced herself to resist the urge to roll her eyes and said, word for word, “Do you want me to throw you out?”

Just then.

Little Yinyin suddenly pushed open the door of the ground floor guest room with her short legs.

Then she raised her big, watery eyes and looked at Ye Yunla.

Ye Yunla understood Little Yinyin’s meaning, this was to make Feng Chengyu stay.

Apart from relying on her and Jing’er, the third person that Little Yinyin was trusted with was Feng Chengyu.

Probably because Feng Chengyu was the only adult male character in the little girl’s life, she would naturally trust and rely on ……

Ye Yunla pursed her lips and said, “Three days at most, get lost in three days.”

Feng Chengyu picked little Yinyin up in his arms and lifted her high: “Hahahaha, great, little Yinyin, you’re my lucky star ……”