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HC Chapter 8

As soon as Xie Siqi’s words fell, countless gazes slanted past.

The coldest of all was Old Lady Xie’s gaze, which carried a strong sense of warning and dissatisfaction. If not for the presence of so many people, Xie Siqi doubted that her grandmother would have knocked her down with a cane.

She swallowed a mouthful of saliva and reluctantly took a step back.

But she stepped on her son’s body and he cried out in pain.

Xie Siqi slapped him across the face, “What are you crying for, mourning?”

Zhou Zeyu, who was five or six years old, sobbed and said, “Mummy is bad, mummy is a big witch, I don’t like mummy anymore!”

Xie Siqi was already in a bad mood, and when her son was so publicly shouted at, she felt like slapping him again.

The mother and son were making a mess of the living room.

Old Lady Xie looked very pale and said indifferently, “Yara, once you’ve signed the contract, come with me to the study and have a seat.”

Ye Yunla nodded and after signing her name on the contract, she bent down and said, “Jing’er, take care of your sister, Mummy will be out in a minute.”

Ye Jingzhan smiled like a small adult and said, “Mummy, leave your sister to me, don’t worry.”

Of course Ye Yunla was relieved.

In the past year or two after Jing’er had understood, Little Yinyin had always been taken care of by Jing’er.

When she was abroad, she couldn’t care about many things in order to earn money.

Sometimes during the day when she was at work, Jing’er would take very good care of little Yinyin at home, and at only four years old, Jing’er had long since learnt how to be an older brother.

Ye Yunla followed Old Lady Xie into the study.

“Yara, these four years have been hard on you.”

Old Madam Xie took Ye Yunla’s hand and let out a long sigh.

“Four years ago, I always thought you ran away from home and went into hiding in negative anger… I never imagined that that son of a b*tch Ye Zhongshan would actually keep you locked up for eight whole months! Now that you’re back alive, the Ye family must return all those shares to you!”

Ye Yunla snuggled into the old lady’s lap.

Grandmother still loved her as much as she did when she was a child.

Part of the reason she had brought Little Yinyin back home was that she wanted Little Yinyin to feel more love.

Grandma would have loved Little Yum Yum as much as she had loved her ……

She said softly, “Grandma, you are eighty-three years old, you should not worry about these things anymore, what belongs to me, I will get back. Don’t worry, I am no longer the uninitiated Miss Ye of that year, I want to get justice for myself and the two children who died in vain for no reason …… Justice ……”

Before her eyes, two more babies lying on the warehouse floor, their faces blue and purple, came to life.

Those were her two eldest sons.

They had died so silently, buried somewhere she didn’t even know ……

Tears emerged from Ye Yunla’s eyes.

“Good girl Yara, those are in the past, don’t cry ……” Old Lady Xie patted her back, “Since you’re back, live well in the Xie family, treat this as your home ……”

Ye Yunla nodded gently.

The Ye family was run by her grandmother, and as long as she was welcomed by her grandmother, she dared to stay.

And she wasn’t living in the Xie family for nothing, the one chip she had developed was enough to take the Xie family up another notch.

She lived here with a clear conscience.

The two of them were talking when suddenly, a terrifying cry erupted from outside.

Old Madam Xie’s brow furrowed, “Is it Zeyu who is crying again?”

Zhou Zeyu, was Xie Siqi’s son, and every time she went back to her mother’s house, she would bring this son back with her.

And then make a mess of mess.

Old Lady Xie was too lazy to care and continued to talk to Ye Yunla.

For some reason, a bad feeling surfaced in Ye Yunla’s heart.

She got up and walked towards the door, and just as she pulled it open, she saw in the living room, Xie Siqi raised her hand and threw a fierce slap at Xiao Yingyin.

And Little Yinyin was frozen with a blank face, oblivious to the impending danger.

“Stop it!!!”

Ye Yunla shouted angrily and ran over quickly.

Xie Siqi narrowed her eyes and slapped down the slap even more viciously.

She had hated Ye Yunla since she was a child, because Ye Yunla was clearly not a member of the Xie family, yet she had taken advantage of all the benefits of the Xie family.

And she, the eldest Miss of the Xie family, had been robbed of all the limelight by Ye Yunla.

Later, after Ye Yunla had a fling with a wild man for one night and became the protagonist of Hai Cheng’s racy photos, she was sorely tempted.

Later on, Ye Yunla gave birth to a wild child, set herself on fire and committed suicide, a series of events that she could not stop clapping her hands in delight.

But how could she have imagined that Ye Yunla had actually come back alive?

And as soon as she returned, she turned against her!


If she couldn’t deal with Ye Yunla, couldn’t she deal with a little wild child?

Her slap landed sharply and quickly on little Yinyin’s face.