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HC Chapter 71

The sun shone in from the balcony and Ye Yunla rubbed her hair and sat up.

She fumed for three seconds, then got up to pack and wash up.

After dropping the children off at kindergarten today, she had to go to Xie’s group for a new product launch and then to Fu’s in the afternoon to talk about cooperation.

She pulled open her wardrobe and chose a professional style dress.

Just after she had changed, she heard noisy voices coming from downstairs.

“Who gave you permission to live here, you have three seconds to get out!”

Xie Zhirui stood in the living room, his face full of anger.

He had come over here today to pick up LaLa to attend the launch of Xie’s group.

Who would have thought that as soon as he entered, he would see a man wearing only his trousers lying on the sofa, huffing and puffing.

He was instantly furious.

And Feng Chengyu was also furious.

He had slept in the study last night, but it was overrun with mosquitoes, so he had no choice but to come and settle down on the sofa in the living room.

He was a richly raised nobleman, so he couldn’t get used to sleeping on the sofa at all, and only when it was almost dawn did he manage to fall asleep.

As a result, he had just entered dreamland when he was woken up by a man’s angry voice.

Feng Chengyu opened his eyes and saw Xie Zhirui, who was dressed in a suit and was a good-looking man, and his eyes narrowed.

He leaned back on the sofa and hummed lightly, “I’m Little Lara’s man, so how come I can’t live here?”

Xie Zhirui’s face turned blue with anger, “Don’t tarnish LaLa’s reputation here, if you don’t get lost, then I’ll have security come over and throw you out.”

“Humph, if you throw me out, little LaLa won’t let you go.” Feng Chengyu said with a big grin, “And you, who are you to barge in without knocking and without permission, this is illegal trespa*sing, according to the law you should be detained for at least fifteen days.”

Xie Zhirui said angrily, “This is my house, do I still need your permission to enter?”

“Of course, I’m the man of the house!” Feng Chengyu shook his head and swore his sovereignty, suddenly, he snapped, “You said, this is your house?”

Last night, little LaLa seemed to say that this was her grandmother’s house, could this man ……

Feng Chengyu fiercely pulled the blanket over and wrapped it around his naked body.

It’s over, he actually put harsh words to his first cousin ……

Xie Zhirui was really furious.

Even though LaLa already had two children, to him, LaLa was still just a simple little girl.

Suddenly seeing strange men lying naked on the sofa in Rara’s house, could he not be angry?

Xie Zhirui’s two lines of sight nailed Feng Chengyu’s brow like prisms of ice.

Feng Chengyu, who had just been so arrogant, realised that he had made a big mistake, and he got up and sneaked off to the study.

Upstairs, Ye Yunla had already come down.

She said in surprise, “Cousin, why are you here so early?”

Feng Chengyu giggled.

Sure enough, it was cousin!

“Who is this man?” Xie Zhirui asked with hidden anger, “Yara, you tell me the truth.”