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HC Chapter 72

Ye Yunla didn’t even raise an eyebrow and said indifferently, “His name is Feng Chengyu, a friend he met abroad, he just arrived in Haicheng yesterday and was homeless, so I took him in for the night.”

Seeing her frank face, Xie Zhirui let out a sigh of relief and said in a light voice, “He said he was the male owner of this place.”

“No, I didn’t say that!” Feng Chengyu scowled and explained weakly, “First cousin, you heard wrong …… I mean, it’s not good for me to be dressed like this as a guest, I, I’ll go and change my clothes ……”

He slinked away.

Xie Zhirui said in a serious tone, “Yara, you’re a single mother, it’s not good to leave a man at home for the night, if he has nowhere to go, you can let him sleep at Xie’s house for the night.”

Ye Yunla nodded good-naturedly, “First cousin, don’t worry about me, I’ll go to Xie’s after I drop the kids off at kindergarten.”

Feng Chengyu’s head came up and shouted, “Little Yara, you go and work, I’ll take Jing’er and Yinyin to school.”

Previously when she was abroad, Ye Yunla had often left the two children in Feng Chengyu’s care, and although this guy usually didn’t seem too reliable, he was extraordinarily attentive to the two children.

She placed her school bag at the door and instructed, “You watch them enter the kindergarten before you leave, do you hear me?”

“Oh, LaLa, I’m not a three-year-old child, I don’t need your advice.

Only then did Ye Yunla carry her bag and get into Xie Zhirui’s car.

Just as the car drove out of the villa area, Ye Yunla was keenly aware that another car was following her.

Before she could say anything, Xie Zhirui said, “LaLa, when I came in this morning, this car was parked at the entrance of the district, and now as soon as I left, he followed us, it seems to be following us.”

“Someone followed me yesterday when I picked up the kids from school.” Ye Yunla’s face was grave, “It’s only been just a few days since I returned to China, who could I have offended?”

“Apart from Ye Xue Ying, who else could it be?” Xie Zhirui said coldly, “You just got twenty-five percent of the shares of the Ye Group, which is the same as biting off a piece of meat from that mother and daughter, how will they let you off easily?”

Ye Yunla wrinkled her brow, her heart a solemn cold.

“Don’t be afraid, I’ll arrange some good bodyguards for you after the launch.” Xie Zhirui said, “I will also send a few people to keep an eye on the kindergarten, I will not let the Ye family hurt the two children.”

Ye Yunla nodded, “First cousin, thank you.”

The car behind her didn’t have the slightest intention of giving up and kept following not too far or too close.

When they arrived at Xie’s Group, Ye Yunla got out of the car, which was parked in front of Xie’s.

Xie Zhirui gave Ye Yunla a placating look and led her upstairs.

This time, Xie’s new product launch was a huge event, held in the lobby on the ground floor, and before it was time, reporters from all walks of life had already arrived.

Ye Yunla went to the lounge first.

Just as she entered, she saw Xie Siqi fiddling with a small robot: “Dad, I told you that you were fooled by Ye Yunla, this product is not intelligent at all, it doesn’t understand anything I say, won’t it make everyone laugh at the launch event later?”

Xie Heng looked at her coldly, “Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand, stay aside.”

“Why don’t I understand?” Xie Siqi coldly snorted, “It’s just an intelligent home robot, I don’t know how to develop it, can I still not know how to use it?”

“First cousin, you really don’t understand.”

Ye Yunla walked in on her high heels.

She curled her lips into a smile and held the small robot, which was more than twenty centimetres tall, and said, “Little Xie, Little Xie, sing a children’s song to listen to.”

The little robot immediately played a song.

“Cousin, this is a product developed by Xie’s group, how can you not know to call out the robot’s name twice before issuing commands?” Ye Yunla spoke with a faint smile, “How did cousin sit in the position of marketing manager when she didn’t even understand her own family’s products thoroughly?”

Xie Siqi’s face instantly pulled down.