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HC Chapter 73

“I’m the eldest Miss Xie, I’m the marketing manager, who dares to say anything?”

Xie Siqi yelled back in annoyance.

Ye Yunla’s face was light as she said, “Of course I won’t say anything, I just think it’s better to do your homework first before questioning others. Great Uncle, the launch is about to start, let’s go out.”

Xie Heng nodded his head and led Ye Yunla towards the launch.

Xie Siqi was so angry that she kicked her foot on the table, but the table was so hard that her toes were falling off in pain.

Xie’s Group had played a gimmick with this new product launch, using the title of a new concept smart product to attract a lot of people.

Even Fu Ziyan, who had just landed in Haicheng last night and hadn’t finished getting jet lag this morning, decided to come to the launch first.

Now that the smart market is blossoming everywhere and the Fu Group is planning to invest in this industry, Fu Ziyan wanted to see how other companies play first.

The a*sistant took the invitation and escorted him into the venue, sitting in the last row.

No sooner had the two of them sat down than Ye Yunla appeared in the spotlight following Xie Heng.

Under the countless flashes, Ye Yunla’s skin was illuminated in a crystal-clear way, and her whole body looked like it was glowing.

Fu Ziyan saw her right away.

This woman, he had seen her in photos, he knew she was beautiful.

But he had never imagined that she was this beautiful.

It was said that beautiful women were not naturally easy to mess with, but why, when he looked at this woman, did he feel an urge to get closer?

As soon as Ye Yunla appeared, the whole room was in an uproar.

After the number one beauty in Haicheng returned alive, there had been no stopping the discussion about her on the internet.

The reporters had originally come here to fight for the headline news on the business page, but once they saw Ye Yunla, they decided to fight for the headline news on the entertainment page as well.

As long as there was the name Ye Yunla, there was no fear that no one would click in for the news.

“Miss Ye, may I ask why you are at the Xie Group’s new product launch?”

“Miss Ye, may I ask in what capacity you are appearing here?”

“Miss Ye, you were once the heir to the Ye Group but now you no longer return to the Ye family, can you share with us why?”

“Miss Ye, ……”

One question after another came like snowflakes.

Ye Yunla faintly curled her lips in a smile.

She picked up the nearest microphone and said lightly, “Hello fellow journalists, I am Ye Yunla, the chip designer of Xie Group’s new product, the integrated chip embedded in this smart product was designed by me personally …… This chip incorporates the traditional integrated circuit model, on top of that ……”

Her voice rang out quietly in the meeting hall.

The dry expertise flowed out of her mouth, making people inexplicably want to listen closely.

Some female journalists who were not interested in technology were able to roughly figure out the concept behind the operation of this new product ……

“This smart product is designed to make our lives more convenient, and in the future, Xie’s group will keep updating the chip so that everyone can fully experience the convenience of life brought by the internet era ……” Ye Yunla smiled, “This intelligent robot will be available in a week, and is looking for channel partners, you are welcome to contact Xie Group’s marketing department, thank you.”

She put down the microphone and bowed to everyone present.

The scene resounded with thunderous applause.

Fu Ziyan did not applaud, his eyes narrowed and his gaze sharply examined Ye Yunla.

This woman was, indeed, outstanding.