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HC Chapter 74

No wonder he could make his mother so scornful.

Perhaps it was because of his natural blood ties, he could not hate this woman.

But as soon as he thought that the purpose of this woman’s return was to stir up the Ye family, then he could only suppress that good feeling in his heart.

His mother had given him life, so he had to protect her as well.

As Ye Yunla stood on the stage, she always felt that a sharp gaze was watching her.

She followed the gaze, but all she could see was a crowed of people, and when she tried to look carefully, a microphone disliked her.

“Miss Ye, everyone is curious to know what is going on with you and the Ye family now, can you share?”

After the previous incident had made such a big fuss and then it was left unresolved, the crowd of eaters could not hold back their curiosity for a long time.

Ye Yunla retracted her gaze and replied calmly and freely, “I am the daughter of the Ye family, and that will never change. The family has already transferred twenty-five percent of the shares to my name, I am now the third largest shareholder of the Ye Group and will be involved in the management of the Ye Group.”

At these words, the whole audience was in an uproar.

Earlier, when the Ye family and Ye Yunla were fighting across the internet, they thought that the Ye family would remove this daughter’s name.

Unexpectedly, it was actually the Ye family who compromised one step and transferred the shares to Ye Yunla.

So, in fact, the Ye family wasn’t as heartless as the netizens thought?

The moment the reporters were stunned, Ye Yunla was already being protected by Xie Heng and Xie Zhirui, and she took advantage of the reporters’ inattention to turn around and walk off the stage.

In fact, she did not like to attend such occasions, but in order to survive, she could only allow herself to appear under the flashing lights frequently.

On the matter of the change in Ye’s Group’s shareholding, she could only take the initiative to pick it apart.

Otherwise, Ye Xueying would have sung in unison with Xu Yuying, portraying herself as a kind and pure white lotus and gaining the sympathy of netizens.

But now that she had told the netizens about it in advance, then the smart netizens would definitely find out that the shares originally belonged to her.

The other half of Ye Xue Ying’s shares would become the target of the netizens’ attacks.

After attending the launch event, Ye Yunla was relaxed.

She was just about to go to the lounge when a young female secretary came up to her, “Miss Ye, Mr. Xie wants you to wait for him in the conference room over there, he has a few details to discuss with you.”

Ye Yunla didn’t think too much about it and followed the female secretary towards the other end of the corridor.

Everyone was in the lobby for the launch event, there was not much on this side, the female secretary pushed open the door of a conference room and led Ye Yunla inside.

“You can sit down for a while, I’ll go and pour you a cup of coffee.”

The female secretary walked to the door and closed the conference room door gently, then, took her mobile phone and dialed out a phone number.

“Miss Ye, the matter you ordered has been done ……”

She stood in the corner and made the call, completely unaware that behind her, stood a four-year-old child.

Fu Ziyan’s eyebrows knitted up tightly.

The launch hadn’t ended yet, and he saw this woman leave and followed her.

He didn’t know why he had followed it here ……

But unexpectedly, he heard such words ……

There was only one big family in Haicheng surnamed Ye, and this person called the person on the other end of the phone Miss Ye, so that would be his mother, Ye Xueying.

Why did his mother have someone trick Ye Yunla into coming to this conference room?