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HC Chapter 75

Fu Ziyan stood at the end of the corridor, his face indifferent.

This woman had brought disaster to the Ye family four years ago, and four years later she had frequently struck out at the Ye family, so it was reasonable for her mother to want to teach this woman a lesson.

It was fine to let her mother take her anger out.

I hope that after this incident, this woman will be more peaceful and not always antagonise her mother.

Fu Ziyan turned around and walked away.

On the other hand, there were four strong men walking towards him.

“This job is really a beautiful job, the employer said that woman is the number one beauty in Hai Cheng, how many magnificent noble sons can’t catch the beauty, actually can fall into our hands ……”

Fu Ziyan’s footsteps fiercely stopped.

He raised his head and looked at the four people walking over.

The four men were all over one meter eight tall, each with a cross face and an unkind gleam in their eyes.

No matter what these men did when they entered the office, that woman, Ye Yunla, would not be able to gain any advantage.

The four men didn’t even notice that there was a child standing in the corner and continued to lower their voices and talk.

“I just saw that woman at the meeting, her legs are so long and her breasts are so big.”

“Stop speculating here, our main task is to kill that woman, otherwise we won’t get the five million behind us.”

“It’s just a matter of killing a woman, how simple it is, I want to have a good time before I kill her anyway ……”

Fu Ziyan’s eyes turned grim in this instant.

Mother actually wanted Ye Yunara’s life!

No matter what, Ye Yunla was her mother’s own sister, how could she do something so cruel.

Fu Ziyan took a step back, took out his phone and found a number to dial ……

Ye Yunla sat in the conference room, bored, watching the news on her phone.

The speech she had just made at the conference hall had made the news.

Xie’s group’s new products hadn’t attracted much attention, and the netizens were obviously more interested in her becoming the third largest shareholder of Ye’s group.

“Who said before that the Ye family’s mother and daughter were snakes and scorpions and came out to be beaten!”

“That’s right, if you really have a heart of gold, how could you give up half of your shares? If it were me, I would never spit out what I ate.”

“The shares in Ye Xueying’s hand originally belonged to Ye Yunla, and when Ye Yunla came back, Ye Xueying only gave up half of her shares, and she didn’t return her status as the heir! Twenty-five percent of the shares, worth more than one billion, your ancestors combined could not have made that much money!”

“So miserable or Ye Yunla, persecuted and pretending to be dead for four years, and still not getting back what belongs to her when she returns! It’s said that those shares were Ye Yunla’s real mother’s inheritance and ended up in the hands of her stepmother, hey, I’m anxious for her.”

“If Ye Xueying had some conscience, she should have spat out the shares in her hands!”

“Unfortunately, she has no conscience!”


Ye Yunla flipped through the messages on the internet and the corners of her mouth curved up slightly.

Now, it was useless even if Ye Xue Ying was selling misery.

One day, she would make Ye Xueying take the initiative to return her mother’s inheritance.

Just then, there was a sudden knock on the door of the conference room.

Ye Yunla put her phone away and said in a light voice, “Come in.”

Four big, brawny men entered in a single file.

She frowned and was about to ask what was going on when the last man to enter, closed the door to the conference room.

The four men, walking in a semi-encircling formation, approached her.

Ye Yunla’s sense of smell was always keen, and she already sensed that she might have stumbled into some kind of trap.

She stood up alertly and gripped the gla*s of water in her hand.

“Yeyunara is it?”