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His Destined Path Chapter 2983

For what the pangolin was holding at that moment was still shaped like a heart, quite similar to the previous golden seed, but it was a very different colour.


Green, one might even say cyan.


A greenish colour similar to what should only be found in bronze.


“Don’t be surprised, and don’t doubt it, it is the gold seed you got back.” The Mountain Penetrator said, handing it to Han Qianqian.


When he received it, Han Qianqian’s brow furrowed to the extreme, if the mountain-wearing armour hadn’t said it was, and if it wasn’t indeed exactly the same shape as the gold seed he had gotten last night, Han Qianqian really felt that it had been switched.


“Is this the gold seed?” Han Qianqian looked up at the Mountain Piercing Armour, a question written all over his face.


The Mountain Piercing Armour gave a bitter laugh, “Yes, it is. Ever feel that it’s strange?”




Of course it was strange, it was fine when it came back, still emitting a faint golden light, but when it closed its eyes and opened them again, it had turned into this shape.


However, I’m afraid that there must be a reason for the Wearer to say this. After thinking about it, Han Qianqian didn’t make a sound and waited for the Wearer to voice his doubts.


“Last night, it was me and the Evil Taotie who helped you to heal your wounds. The piercing beetle asked softly.


Han Qianqian nodded, “That’s right.”


Since the King of the Darkness could use his body’s energy to seal himself, Han Qianqian believed that he must also have its antidote on his body, just as if a poisonous snake had bitten someone, there must be something on its body to cure the poison for a reason.


Han Qianqian believed that this key thing was the golden seed.


This was the key point where all its energy was stored, and even the power of the seal should be emitted from here.


That was why Han Qianqian dared to act in such a way.


“I’ve been holding it in my hand, just to tell you the word grasp.”


The piercing beetle nodded, and after this was confirmed by Han Qianqian, his heart was at least happy, after all, after following this fellow for so long, he had finally learnt something.


“I felt a primordial aura belonging to the Five Elements Divine Stone on its body.” The Mountain Penetrator said.


“You mean that it’s really a golden original stone?” Han Qianqian said nervously at once.


The Mountain Piercing Armor frowned and nodded, “The Five Elements divine Stones, although they have different attributes, have the same root and origin, and they are considered to have a sense of each other, and from this basis, this so-called golden seed does count.”


Hearing this, Han Qianqian did not understand, “What do you mean it does count?”


“As a matter of fact, the energy of the original stone is incredibly powerful, you now have four of them plus me, what characteristics do you recall about them all?” The Mountain Penetrator asked.


What are their characteristics?


This question was difficult for Han Qianqian. If he said that they each had their own characteristics, Han Qianqian would naturally tell the story, after all, the four attributes were different and their characteristics were naturally different.


But if there was anything in common between them, Han Qianqian couldn’t really think of it for a while.


However, just as the Mountain Piercing Armour was about to speak, Han Qianqian suddenly thought, “Each type of stone seems to need only a little external force to burst forth with infinite power.”


The mountain piercing armor nodded: “The original stone itself is powerless, and without the urging of external force, it is no different from ordinary things, but its value wins because only a little force is needed to urge it in exchange for countless times the increase in the power of the original stone’s attributes, and even …… stronger original stones can transform into human forms like me. ”


Han three thousand this point agreed: “That’s right.”


“So when I was healing you last night and for you, I knew that you were extremely ill, so I even called the Evil Taotie over to help together. According to normal procedure, the power we combined to make to urge it will bring back a great deal of the original stone power, but ……” said the mountain piercer, looking at Han Qianqian in confusion.


“But what?”


The Mountain Piercing Armor let out a long sigh, “From here on out, a series of oddities emerged.”