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His Destined Path Chapter 2984

Looking at Han Qianqian’s puzzled and somewhat shocked eyes, the mountain piercer let out a long sigh helplessly.


“After we poured power into it, it did have great feedback, but this feedback was extremely different from the original.”


“Not only is it not as strong as it thought, it’s even ……” The mountain piercing armor said and looked towards Han Qianqian.


“It’s even decaying?”


The piercing armor nodded heavily, to put it very strangely, when the true energy of the two was irrigated in, the golden seed instantly burst into light, but the beginning was also the end, and with that, the entire energy of the golden seed began to diminish, and eventually went towards no light at all, turning into what it is today, like a stone of bronze.


“In other words, monks, whether they are demons, devils or humans, all rely on their inner pellets to store their true energy, and for the King of the Darkness to be so powerful, his inner pellet should be extremely thick. It should be like this.” The mountain-penetrating beetle frowned and said.


The fact is that a monster as big as a city, an expert who could even force even himself to resist by his own strength alone, even if it was only its inner elixir, it should be very powerful, even comparable to the heart of his own dragon clan.


But this ……


“In that case, it is indeed a bit strange.” Han Qianqian frowned while saying.


“Neither the original stone nor the inner elixir should be like this. It’s more like an old man who’s dying and coming back to life, you think he’s done, but it turns out he’s definitely not.” The pierced mountain beetle said glumly.


Han Qianqian didn’t say anything more, after all, this was really too unbelievable, even he didn’t know what was going on here for a while.


“This is strange thing one.” The Mountain Piercing Armour opened his mouth again.


Han Qianqian frowned, hearing this, could it be that there was still strange thing two?


The mountain-penetrating beetle gave a bitter laugh: “Didn’t I say that strange things happen one after another?”


After sweeping a glance at the confused Han Qianqian, the Mountain Piercing Armor let out a bitter smile, “This thing has a very strange aura.”


“What do you mean?” Han Qianqian wondered.


“You took such a big risk to get him from the King of Pale Ming, but it was actually because its scent was very familiar, wasn’t it?”


Han Qianqian nodded, “That’s right, its aura is almost similar to the other few beads, so I strongly suspect that it is the last golden original stone on the Five Elements Divine Stone, could it be, that I guessed wrong?”


“You didn’t guess wrong.” The piercing beetle shook its head, “In terms of being of the same root and origin, it is indeed as fake, but ……”


“But what?”


The Mountain Piercing Armor shook its head, then slowly stood up, “But its current breath is weak.”


Han Qianqian glanced at the bronze-colored golden seed in his hand, “Could it be that it’s consuming too much?”


Without saying a word, the mountain-penetrator lifted his hand slightly, and an energy struck the golden seed directly, and, unbelievably, as the energy struck, a strange scene occurred.


The entire golden seed moved slightly, but it only pulsed for a moment, and then there was no more movement, not even the slightest glow.


Han Qianqian frowned slightly and looked at the golden seed in confusion, and then looked at the Mountain Piercing Armor.


The mountain-penetrating armor smiled gently, as if it already knew that Han Qianqian would have such a reaction, and did not reply.




Although the stone was wrapped in energy, it was just an ordinary stone, so it did not react to the energy of the Mountain Piercer.


It was only at this moment that Han Qianqian suddenly understood what was going on, but for a moment it was hard to believe that this was the case, because the reflection of the stone was actually exactly the same as the reflection of the golden seed.


In other words, the gold seed in Han Qianqian’s hand was, in a sense, the same substance as the stone!


“Weird enough, right?” The Mountain Piercing Armour laughed, “It’s also outrageous enough, isn’t it, that the golden seed of the titular King of the Pale Ming is a substance that is no different from a stone?”


The Mountain Piercing Armor didn’t give Han Qianqian any chance to catch his breath, at this point, leisurely and said, “But if I tell you another fact, you’ll be even more surprised, I’m afraid.”