His Destined Path Chapter 2985

“Because I have seen the reality of what happened at the time through the Tautog of Evil.”

“I can tell you with great responsibility that this golden seed, is real and has never been dropped.”

“In other words, it really is that old thing’s inner elixir.”

Hearing these words, Han Qianqian was really shocked and stood up on his butt, this was simply a bit absurd and far from his mother’s truth.

“The King of the Darkness is so powerful, and it’s f*cking molten lava all over the ground, and it’s f*cking horizontal branches flying in the sky, and it’s green streams pouring out, and it’s beating me and the Evil Taotie so badly that we don’t even know our mothers, and as a result, everything it supports is this broken stone?” Han Qianqian’s eyes were as wide as a second barrel, obviously extremely puzzled by this.

This was only coming from the mouth of the piercing mountain beetle, if it were anyone else he didn’t know, Han Qianqian would have slapped him unconscious for running around fooling himself with nothing to play with!

“I don’t understand this either, I can’t even figure it out, but I can tell you unequivocally that this is the truth.”

“As for how he did it, I’m not sure.” The mountain-penetrator shook his head.

Then, he looked down at Han Qianqian and murmured, “There’s good news and bad news I think you must know, which one do you want to hear first?”

“Whatever.” Han Qianqian didn’t have the time to mess with him about choosing, and said in a bored voice.

The mountain-penetrator barred his mouth, “The good news is that, as you can see by now, the seal inside you that was messed with by the King of Psi-Ming has been lifted.”

“Then the bad news is ……” Han Qianqian looked at the Mountain Piercing Armor blandly.

The mountain piercing armor shook its head helplessly: “As you can see, the real thing of this so-called King of the Phantom Ming actually looks like a f*cking counterfeit product, you were right in your calculations, but only missed this point.”

“It won’t be able to hold up for long at all, so for the seal on you ……”

“It may only be temporary.”

Speaking of this, the mountain piercing armor rea*sured, “However, you should not worry too much, the seal is not deteriorating at the moment, as long as you do not have to use your luck to use your power, it should not attack.”

“In the meantime, let’s think of other ways.”

Han Qianqian laughed bitterly, “You don’t need to use this. If you don’t use spells in the land of the demons, it’s no different from seeking death, and as for this broken stone, there’s nothing to study.”

With that, Han Qianqian got up and walked towards the outside of the cave.

Although the sun here was no different from the moon compared to the Central Plains, the faint yellow light was at least warm, which was a slight relief from the harsh environment.

“This is a good place to find, all the way here, this should be the best scenery we’ve ever seen.”

And even though it wasn’t green hills, but rocky, barren mountains, at least there wasn’t that grey, gloomy layer of scenery.

“So what, I say three thousand, you’re not just going to give up on yourself, are you?” The pangolin followed, asking cautiously.

“It’s going to rain, mother is going to get married, what’s coming will always come, what’s the point of worrying so much?” Han Qianqian laughed softly.

The Mountain Piercing Armour glanced at Han Qianqian, nodded, and then handed him the Heavenly Book. : “Since you’re also awake now, do you want to hand Ying Xia and the others out of the Heavenly Book?”

Hearing this question, Han Qianqian’s just relaxed expression creased anew.

To see Su Yingxia and Han Nian was certainly what Han Qianqian was looking forward to, but the problem was that if Su Yingxia knew that she had been sealed this time, she would definitely blame herself again, and even want to separate from herself because of it, right?

Besides, even if I could hide it, what if I were in danger?

In her current physical condition, she might not only be unable to protect them, she might even become a burden to them.

“Let them stay in the Heavenly Book, I don’t want them to worry, and besides, I’m not capable of protecting them.” Han Qianqian looked a little despondent, and he couldn’t hide the disappointment and self-reproach in his eyes.

Seeing this look on his face, the piercing beetle was also heartbroken and patted him on the shoulder, “Hungry, right? Can I make you something to eat?”

Han Qianqian smiled bitterly, “Okay, I’ll go around.”

With those words, Han Qianqian had already pushed aside the gra*s at the entrance of the cave and slowly walked out.

After walking around the cave, Han Qianqian walked all the way up the hill, only, after walking for about ten minutes, a noisy sound pulled his thoughts up, and he couldn’t help but look up ……