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His Destined Path Chapter 2991

If the Black and White Furies’ attack was a fierce storm, then at this moment the Great Beauty’s hands were soft with steel, like a piece of cotton, and no matter how hard they attacked, they could not get any effect.

As time went on, the attacks of the two men dropped off, and it was the beautiful woman who became more and more comfortable.

The man in black was flung several metres away and smashed heavily into a pile of rocks, causing the earth to fly and rocks to crumble.

As she looked over, Han Qianqian raised her left leg and she did the same, then the man in white also flew out sideways and smashed directly into the ground, spraying blood furiously.

Han Qianqian slightly withdrew his hand, let out a long breath and shook his head.

The big beauty followed suit and shook her head, then with a smiling look in her eyes, she looked towards Han Qianqian.

Seeing her looking at Han Qianqian, the Black and White Furies, who had once again suffered a defeat at the hands of the Great Beauty, immediately shifted their gaze over as well.

“You two, this time, I didn’t even make a sound, so I can’t be blamed for this, right?” Han Qianqian spread his hands and said helplessly.

The man in black glanced at the one in white, his eyes signaling whether to get that guy killed first, after all, the two men were not blind, how could they not see the actions Han Qianqian had just done over there!

The man in white did not say anything, but his eyes were fixed on Han Qianqian, as if he wanted to see through him.

What kind of person was this guy?

He had never seen him before, but what annoyed him immensely was that he had done nothing, yet he had only nudged the woman a few times and turned her from not being able to fight back at all to suppressing them like this.

This had to make him scare in his heart.

“It seems that we have met an expert.” The man in white shook his head, gesturing for the man in black not to do so.

“An expert? Who?” The man in black didn’t understand, in his eyes he simply thought that Han Qianqian was too bored to keep interfering with them.

“That guy’s not easy.” The man in white looked over at Han Qianqian, wary and said.

“Big brother, he’s no expert, you’re lifting him up too much.” The man in black was dissatisfied.

“Be careful, don’t lose your life here if you’re not careful, take one last shot, if you can’t, withdraw.” As soon as the words left his mouth, the man in white flipped over and attacked violently towards the big beauty.

The man in black was not slow either, following the white one with a crawl from the ground and attacked the big beauty again.

However, unlike last time, this time the man in white was obviously attacking the big beauty falsely, but observing Han Qianqian was real.

As they approached the beauty, Han Qianqian suddenly stretched out with a lazy back and the beauty did almost the same, but to his immense surprise, the beauty just happened to deflect the two men’s attack with such a careless movement.

The man in white stopped on the spot and looked at Han Qianqian in shock.

What the hell, that guy had just made a few random movements, yet he had managed to counteract the two men’s repeated attacks!

But while he was frowning, the man in black didn’t care about that and reluctantly turned around and attacked the big beauty again.

Han Qianqian gently jumped from the boulder to the ground, driving the big beauty to dodge at the same time, Han Qianqian landed on the ground, seemed to dislike a stone in front of him blocked his way, immediately displeased a kick away, the big beauty at the same time and move, but this kick but a solid kick in the abdomen of the man in black, immediately with the man in black a scream, he flew straight out.

He had met a real expert and was playing the tiger with them!

He was about to shout for retreat when, at the other end, the increasingly reluctant man in black rushed up once more.

The man in white tried to stop him, but it was too late. For the sake of his brothers’ lives, he could only grit his teeth and resume his attack on the big beauty.

The big beauty was already quite skilled at this point, she snapped her eyes back again, when she saw Han Qianqian’s movements, the big beauty’s entire body was directly dumbfounded, even the man in white who was attacking while keeping his guard up to observe Han Qianqian’s movements, was also dumbfounded.

What is this …… thing to do?