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His Destined Path Chapter 2992

Han Qianqian slowly raised his head at this point, slightly closing his eyes, followed by ……




A sneeze was immediately let out.


The big beauty and the white-clothed one almost simultaneously frowned greatly, what kind of action was this? Could it be that this could also hurt people?


However, despite being puzzled, the big beauty followed Han Qianqian with a sneezing action, and when she looked back again, Han Qianqian was rubbing her nose with her hand.


Her pretty face was pale with embarra*sment, which was really a bit unsightly.


However, she didn’t hesitate much and did as she was told.


The point is that the person in white, who was not far away next to her, was even used to this move, and was almost so frightened on the spot that she simply stopped attacking and made a hand to cover up.


However, at that moment, the man in black had already rushed recklessly towards the big beauty.




Just as the man in white was silently sweating for the man in black, there was a muffled sound, and the man in black unexpectedly struck the big beauty on the back, directly knocking her back a few steps, and a stream of fresh blood ran down her lips.


She looked at Han Qianqian in disbelief as she bit her lip in agony.


Han Qianqian’s end is also dumbfounded, near the end, he just sneeze, even this she also want to learn ……


“Brother, what are you waiting for, go!” With one hit, the man in black yelled out and attacked again towards the big beauty.


The white-clothed person also obviously froze for a moment, at the black-clothed person’s shout this came to his senses, at once also responded towards the big beauty again this pinch attack and attack.


Han Qianqian helplessly held his forehead and sighed helplessly, at this point he could only hastily move his hands, Taiji re-swinging, his mouth lightly chanting, “Void floating eight trigrams, dou break a thousand husbands.”


As soon as the words fell, Han Qianqian moved his hands, the big beauty followed his example, and at once, she, who had been wounded and was at a complete disadvantage, instantly turned down the two men’s attack between her fists, and with a swing of Han Qianqian’s fist, at once, the two black and white furies were directly bounced away for several meters.


“Feet on the Heaven and Earth, Qi breaks ten thousand armies.”


The big beauty responded to the sound, and between her eyes she once again followed Han Qianqian’s footwork and attacked violently towards the white-clothed one.


Seeing the strange attack of the big beauty, which was both slow and very simple, the man in white frowned, but he heard the man in black shout, “Brother, what are you afraid of her for?”


At that moment, the man in white had no choice but to take on the attack, but just as he took over, the man in white cursed the man in black for his f*cking blood.


This is a huge f*cking hole!


This beautiful woman’s moves seemed to be incredibly slow, but she was always f*cking magically catching her own moves and at the same time, she was also frantically suppressing herself at every turn.


Every punch not only failed to hurt others, but also made him uncomfortable and pa*sive!




Suddenly, just as the white-clothed man was cursing inwardly, over there, the big beauty had already followed Han Qianqian’s momentum, and with a backhand, she used the momentum to flip the white-clothed man’s hand and then punched him violently.


The man in white immediately felt a huge pain in his arm, but just as he remembered the pain in his hand, the punch had already struck him straight in the centre of the fossa.


“Big brother!” Seeing that the man in white was injured, the man in black shouted sharply and was about to make a move.


The man in white swept him coldly, his face was frozen, and forcing himself to endure the severe pain, he accelerated and flew to the man in black’s body, roaring out a retreat while scattering several iron beads in his hands, hastily pulling him to flee.


Boom boom boom!!!


As the iron pearls landed, a series of explosions burst out in front of the big beauty and white smoke rose up. By the time the big beauty barely emerged from the smoke and regained her sight, she had already seen the Black and White Furies fleeing far away.


She was about to go after them, but when she looked back, she saw that Han Qianqian had already jumped down from the boulder, and then, patting the dust on his body, he was about to walk down the mountain with a light smile.


The big beauty was suddenly anxious, just watching those two b*****ds run away like that? They hadn’t bullied themselves too much just now.


However, Han Qianqian was leaving, and if she didn’t have his help, she wouldn’t be able to beat the two of them at all, and even if she caught up with them, there didn’t seem to be any point.


Even if he caught up with them, there seemed to be no point in going after them. It would just be a new search for humiliation.


As he was hesitating, Han Qianqian over there was already walking further and further away, looking like he was in a hurry to round the corner and walk down the hill.


But at that moment, a fragrance came from behind Han Qianqian, and then a female voice was heard drinking; “Hey, you, stop.”