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His Destined Path Chapter 2993

Han Qianqian stopped and turned around, but saw that the big beauty was a few metres behind him, looking at him with some anger.


Her figure was visible to Han Qianqian because of the terrain. She was extremely tall, but still had a terrifying nine-headed body, long legs and a slim waistline.


I’m afraid it’s no wonder that those two Black and White Furies would dare to do so in broad daylight.


“Did you call me?” Han Qianqian asked


“Is there anyone else here?” The big beauty bit her lips lightly and her teeth were lightly exposed.


Han Qianqian laughed and shook his head helplessly, “This doesn’t seem like it should be directed at the tone of your life-saving benefactor, does it?”


“What life-saving benefactor, you ……”


“If I hadn’t helped you just now, right now, instead of standing here and theorizing with me, you would be crying underneath the two of them, wouldn’t you?” After Han Qianqian finished speaking, he turned around and walked towards the bottom of the mountain.


The big beauty blushed scarlet for a moment, she really hadn’t expected Han Qianqian to speak so directly, however, it wasn’t that she didn’t understand what Han Qianqian was saying.


As she watched Han Qianqian walk further and further away, the big beauty didn’t care so much and hurriedly chased after her.


However, perhaps because of the atmosphere just now, the big beauty never knew how to speak.


After following for about a few more minutes, the big beauty finally couldn’t help herself: “Hey, you’re not planning to stay like this, are you?”


Han Qianqian didn’t even turn his head back and replied, “I’ve heard that when you’re saved by someone, you naturally give your body to them, but I haven’t heard that the person who saves someone also has to give his body to them.”


“I ……” the big beauty was at a loss for words, and her small face turned red with anger.


After following a few more steps, the big beauty’s shellfish teeth bit lightly: “Those two people are ten evils, why didn’t you chase them just now?”


“You can’t chase a poor man, haven’t you heard of that? Besides, you were the one who fought them off, so it’s you who should chase them, isn’t it?”


The big beauty was once again furious, her whole body was so angry that she was about to vomit blood, it was true that she had fought and run away, but without Han Qianqian’s guidance, she was simply only beaten by those two people.


“You’re a strange person, you’re not a good person, but you helped me just now, but you’re a good person, but you didn’t care about those vicious people, you let the tiger go back to the mountain, I don’t know if there will be more people suffering from them in the future.” Looking at Han Qianqian’s back, the big beauty muttered.


Han Qianqian gave a bitter laugh, he did not want to give those two villains a chance to escape, but the question was what could he do?


If it wasn’t for the girl’s good base, what she lacked was poor experience. With Han Qianqian’s current unlucky situation, I’m afraid even she couldn’t help, let alone anything else.


Suddenly, Han Qianqian stopped his body, the big beauty did not reflect in time, directly came to a tail, forehead just knocked Han Qianqian on the back of the head, immediately painful straight cover the head.


Han Qianqian was so helpless that he didn’t know what kind of young lady she was, but she was so inexperienced in fighting and so reckless that she dared to walk in a place like the Demon Race.


“Why did you stop all of a sudden?” The big beauty rubbed her head, depressed to the extreme.


“The people have also left, and you’re fine, so shouldn’t you leave too?” Han Qianqian ignored her and said indifferently.


“You ……” the big beauty pointed her finger at Han Qianqian, she was so angry that she couldn’t say anything, she had a beautiful woman like herself to keep her company, how many men can’t wait for that, but this guy, before she could say a few words, actually wanted to kick her out!


This was the first time she had encountered such a situation in her entire life.


However, if you want me to leave, I won’t: “The road is not yours, so I can walk however I want.”


With these words, she raised her head high and looked at Han Qianqian proudly, but to her surprise, Han Qianqian just stayed where she was and didn’t leave.


He even gave her a faint smile and made a gesture, indicating that she should go first.


The big beauty could not hold her face, so she took a few steps forward, but although she was walking forward, her body kept looking back at Han Qianqian.


She saw that Han Qianqian kept looking at her indifferently, and the further she walked, the more panicked she became.


Han Qianqian had a slight smile in his eyes, and seeing that she had gone a little farther, he was about to escape himself, but at that moment, the big beauty suddenly fell to the ground with a weak body.