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His Destined Path Chapter 2994

Han Qianqian smiled gently, but did not step forward, just looked at her indifferently.


But after a few seconds, the girl still hadn’t moved at all.


Could it be that she wasn’t pretending?


Thinking of this, Han Qianqian frowned slightly, looking at her, it really didn’t seem like it. Thinking of this, Han Qianqian hurriedly took a few steps over and slightly pulled her up to take a look, and her heart was suddenly in a rush.


Her face was slightly white, and her pretty little mouth was vaguely opaque, a sign of poisoning.


Could it be that she had been a*sa*sinated by those two guys during the battle?


On second thought, it seemed highly likely, except that this girl probably didn’t know about it and followed herself all the way down the mountain, as the footfall affected the intensified blood flow, thus causing the poisoning!


Shaking his head speechlessly, Han Qianqian gently carried her on his back and walked towards the cave where he and the mountain pangolin were hiding.


It was a good thing that this place was not far from the cave, and Han Qianqian had deliberately driven her away because he was almost at his destination and did not want to dwell on her.


Even Han Qianqian could not help but exclaim that this big beauty was really special, she had more of what she should have than anyone else, but not even the slightest flaw in what she should not have.


Back in the cave, the smoke of the dazzling, even already because of the poison and unconscious big beauty, actually because of choking too much, the body can not help but cough up.


When he heard the sound of someone entering the cave, he naturally knew it was Han Qianqian, but when he heard the female voice coughing, he couldn’t help but stop what he was doing and look towards the cave entrance warily.


Under the smoke and mist, it was not very clear to see, and waited for some moments before seeing Han Qianqian slowly walk in with a human figure on her back.


“Mixed up, where’s the immortal cultivation?” Han Qianqian couldn’t help but spit out.


The smoke was so thick, it didn’t look like cooking, it was just like being immortalised.


The pangolin’s face was embarra*sed by Han Qianqian’s slur. He had thought that Han Qianqian had just woken up and was probably not in a good mood, so he volunteered to cook like Han Qianqian.


But there are some things that look easy, but are difficult to do.


Ignoring Han Qianqian’s words, the pangolin stood up and glanced at the big beauty on Han Qianqian’s back, and was instantly discontented.


Extremely beautiful!


This face is perfect, this body is even …… tsk, one look is all hot and bothered ah.


“Anyway, the meal is not yet cooked, why don’t you go out for another round?” The pierced beetle looked at that big beauty, his mouth was watering, and he couldn’t help but say to Han Qianqian like a pig.


Han Qianqian rolled his eyes, he was confronting the mountain beetle, but it was obvious that the mountain beetle was also confronting himself with the fact that he had gone out for a round and brought back a beautiful woman.


“Get lost, nothing to do to clean up your sh*t, those who know still know you are baking, those who don’t know still think you are smoking rats in your hole.” With a reply, Han Qianqian gently placed the big beauty on the original boulder slab, and immediately afterwards, he got up to check her condition.


Right now, her face was even more haggard and the dark bruises on her lips were deeper, it seemed that the toxicity of these poisons was not small and had been aggravated by just such a short period of time in the cave.


“sh*t, I thought it was an outer-world beauty, but it turns out to be poisoned.” The piercing beetle took a look at the beautiful woman and stifled her voice.


However, once she had laid down this time, she could see more clearly, she really was the best of the best.


“Help her protect her heart chakra.” Han Qianqian commanded.


The mountain-penetrator froze for a moment, “Me?”


“Could it be me?”


The Mountain Piercing Armour nodded, and then, when Han Qianqian helped her up, an energy then directly followed his hand and slapped her on the back with a palm, and all at once, he saw the big beauty’s willow brows frowning lightly as a mouthful of fresh blood directly spurted out.


“What are you doing?” Han Qianqian looked at the piercing beetle in depression, are you healing someone else’s wounds, or do you think someone else is not hurt badly enough?!


“I …… am healing my wounds.” Piercing Mountain Armor innocently said.


Hearing his words, looking at his serious look, Han Qianqian frowned, followed by looking at the big beauty’s beautiful back, heck, no?!


And at that moment, the Mountain Piercing Armor also stood up violently…