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His Destined Path Chapter 2995

“That …… I’ll go out first.” The pangolin turned his eyes away, and then he went further inside the cave, and also called out the evil taotie who was sleeping in a sulk together.


Before he left, he put a piece of wood back on the fire that had almost gone out, only this wood had been wetted by the water in the cave through his special treatment, and after he put it on, the smoke started up again.


“You’re going to die.” Han Qianqian was choking and could barely hold back his tears, after spitting out a sentence about the pangolin, Han Qianqian still forced himself to endure the unpleasantness, immediately afterwards, he glanced at the big beauty, and his hand slightly reached for her collar.


“I’m sorry.”


With a fierce downward gentle pull in his hand, and with a muffled grunt from the big beauty, the white clothes on her body were immediately pulled down gently by Han Qianqian, revealing a jade-like crystal back.


It was really white and smooth, with light in its tenderness.


However, Han Qianqian’s focus was obviously not on this, but on the black palm mark on the beauty’s jade-like back at this moment.


No wonder when the mountain beetle’s slap went down, she not only did not look the least bit healed, but also acted extremely uncomfortable.


This slap, if Han Qianqian remembered correctly, should have been injured by that black-clothed man’s sneak attack when she was learning to yawn herself.


At that time, the man in black had been knocked back repeatedly and was already furious in his heart, so in his anger he had struck a deadly blow, this poisonous slap.


It had taken far longer than she had expected to be poisoned, and not only had she followed herself for a long time after the poisoning, but she had also fought with the Black and White Furies, so the flow of the poison might also be far deeper than Han Qianqian had thought.


“Don’t let the poison attack your heart.” Han Qianqian muttered.


If the poison attacked the heart, even if the dose of poison was very small or the toxin in the body was very light, it would often expand hundreds of times rapidly as a result, and trying to save it at that time would be like trying to steal business from the King of Hell.


It is no more difficult than climbing to heaven.


With a slight lift of his hand, sensing the reflection of the Earth Seal of Blood in his body, Han Qianqian faintly drew out a trace of energy.


Although this energy was almost equivalent to nothing for dealing with enemies, it was perfectly sufficient for Han Qianqian to spy on the condition of the big beauty’s body.


With a slight movement, his palm rested slightly on her silky smooth shoulder, and the tiny energy instantly entered her body.


The energy flowed, and Han Qianqian quickly let out a long breath. This woman was really just like what he had seen, her internal strength was extremely profound, but the only difference was that she was not experienced enough.


This was probably the reason why she had been able to carry on for so long after being poisoned.


Moreover, the fact that her base was thick enough also meant that even when the poison broke out, she was able to last longer than a normal person, giving her body a better chance.


However, just as Han Qianqian had put his heart down, his worst fears came to light.


The poison had entered her heart!


Although her kung fu was very profound, but also as Han Qianqian had seen, she had almost no experience, so the battle almost always presented a state of fumbling, although Han Qianqian had taught her externally, but the inner luck of adjusting her breath was not taught to her, she was completely following her own set, and then panicked and used it indiscriminately ……


This also allowed the toxins to spread through her body more quickly, and it also hit her heart chakra straight away.


This is probably the most common mistake that any novice, but extremely talented person, would make.


With a long sigh, if she had been in the hands of anyone else, she would have died today, but Han Qianqian, who was proficient in the art of Immortal Spirit Island and the Poison King, might just be her only hope that her life would not end.


The way to save her was complicated, but in the end there were only two words: Suck, pa*s!


Looking at this beautiful woman, not only was Han Qianqian in a difficult position, but Han Qianqian was even more worried about what she would do if she woke up and knew about this method.


What should we do?