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His Destined Path Chapter 2996

Han Qianqian was also hesitant. In fact, he didn’t mind, after all, he was only interested in saving people’s lives and had no distracting thoughts whatsoever.

But the big beauty was different, she was only a girl after all, if she knew that she was being treated like that, how could she meet people?

But the thing was, this was the only way to get Han Qianqian’s body in this condition at the moment.

Moreover, it was a coincidence that the time and place were just right.

If it wasn’t for Han Qianqian, the King of Poison, and if it wasn’t for the fact that Han Qianqian was the heir of the Immortal Spirit Island and had seen the strange healing techniques left behind by her ancestor in the secret room, there was absolutely no chance of her being saved.

It was probably because the heavens didn’t even want her life to end.

What’s more, Han Qianqian couldn’t see death without saving it, whether from the ancestral motto of Immortal Spirit Island to save people or from one’s conscience at all.

“I’m sorry, girl.”

Han Qianqian’s words fell, followed by a slight approach to her fragrant back, and began the treatment.

The previous treatment method boiled down to suction and ventilation, suction being the manual sucking of the wound to draw out the large area of toxins gathered in the wound.

Han Qianqian was a Poison King and her blood was full of all kinds of poison, but she was also immune to all kinds of toxins, so the Tong Tong was used to draw the toxins from Han Qianqian’s body into Han Qianqian’s body by using the brief blood connection between them in the process of sucking her toxins.

When her fingers cut through the black palm mark on her back, Han Qianqian used her mouth to get up to it and, like sucking out snake venom, spat out the black blood from her back in one gulp.

In no time, a large puddle of black blood had been spat out on the ground, and by now, as Han Qianqian sucked out another mouthful of blood from her back and spat it out, the blackness of the blood had begun to gradually turn lighter.

This already indicated that the poison that had coagulated in the wound had almost been sucked out, and at that moment, there was only the most important step left, the pa*s.

This required all the poison in her blood to be smoothed down to Han Qianqian, the most crucial step in the entire treatment of her.

Using each other’s wrist wounds to intersect and the blood to converge, this was one of the best methods and the most effortless, simply by urging the poisonous blood in Han Qianqian’s body to consume itself against the poison as well as the protection of the normal flow of her blood.

This is the best method and the most effortless, as it only needs to stimulate Han Qianqian’s blood to consume itself and protect the normal flow of her blood. It allows Han Qianqian to act like a large blood filter, cleansing her body of all the poisonous blood that pa*ses through the intersection of the two wounds.

Although this process is relatively slow, it is the only way for Han Qianqian, who is unable to use much magical energy, to do so.

Time pa*sed.

From morning to afternoon, and from afternoon to evening.

Although there was still a faint energy protection between the two wounds, the blood flow from the inner wound had long since dried up and solidified, and the pallor on the big beauty’s face had dissipated, and the blue and black on her fragrant lips had also disappeared, returning to her original delicate appearance.

“En ……”

Suddenly, just at that moment, the big beauty’s head moved slightly, followed by a slight frown on her willow brows, and she slowly opened her eyes.

She wanted to touch her somewhat sore temples, the toxins had been cleared, but the slight trauma left from before and lying on the stone slab for a whole day still made her more or less uncomfortable.

But just as she tried to reach out, she unintentionally felt her right hand seem to be pressed against something, and something seemed to be hitching up the side of her leg.

She forced herself to endure the uncomfortable feeling and slightly turned her head sideways, and at once her whole body completely froze.

The most exaggerated thing was that because Han Qianqian’s body had just healed and he had suffered so much to save others, he had fallen asleep after a long time of fatigue.

Because he had to keep her blood flowing, Han Qianqian could only keep watch over the stone platform, and once he fell asleep, his head naturally tilted to her leg by accident.

Even though it was only next to her, to the big beauty, how had she ever been so close to a man since she was a child, and with each other’s hands leaning against each other?

At that moment, the big beauty’s entire body was immediately startled, subconsciously curled up violently and sat up, but once she sat, she only suddenly felt a cold piece of her back, smoothly touched, lowered her eyes to see the clothes that were pulled a bit low, on the spot the whole cave erupted with a scream that pierced people’s eardrums ……