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His Destined Path Chapter 3061

Chapter 3061

“Please speak, envoy.” The man was still kneeling, but his head was already covered in sweat.

“What level of cultivation has this person reached?” The envoy finished laughing and looked at the fellow coldly.

This time, the guy’s eyes froze and he was suddenly dumbfounded.

The person who had pleaded for Pei Shiyuan earlier was perhaps Pei Shiyuan’s left arm and right arm, so his face and cleverness naturally exceeded others. Seeing the little leader frozen, he quickly glared at that fellow with his eyes, signalling him to hurry up and speak out.

He looked at Pei Shiyuan and then at the envoy. He hurriedly rounded up the situation and bought the young leader some time, saying, “Lord envoy, since that murderer was able to kill the King of Youming, he is naturally very powerful, why is the envoy asking this question?”

Hearing these words, the envoy’s eyes froze, and in the next second, even his whole body was not driven, but that man only felt like a heavy mountain moving across, and the whole person directly flew out sideways.

“There is a difference between high and low people, and there is also a difference between old and old trees, when is it your turn to interrupt what this envoy is asking?”

“Pei Shiyuan, you have been living in the foreign country for a long time, and you have been drinking hair and blood for years, so you seem to be wild, along with your men.”

When the envoy finished speaking, his cold light was cold and he was staring at Pei Shiyuan with a deadly stare, obviously angry.

Seeing this, Pei Shiyuan hurriedly knelt down again, his body pressed extremely low: “Pei Shiyuan has mismanaged the situation and has since committed a capital offence, please calm down the envoy’s anger.”

Hearing these words, he glared at Pei Shiyuan and coldly echoed, “You and I have had a personal relationship for a hundred years, a mere subordinate does not know how to interfere at will, this seat will teach him a lesson, there is no need to impose a death sentence on you.”

“Thank you, Amba*sador.” Pei Shiyuan whispered, then hurriedly glanced at the man lying beside him, spitting blood, and gently shouted, “Why don’t you get up and thank the amba*sador?”

The man hurriedly got up and endured the pain, “I deserve to die, thank you for your forgiveness.”

“Pei Lan, as Pei Shi Yuan’s protector, your wisdom is naturally superior, but you should also know how to adapt. Do you know why you have found the man but failed to capture him?”

“I would ask the envoy to enlighten me.”

“Only when you know yourself and your enemy can you win a hundred battles, do you understand?” The envoy finished in a cold voice and smiled disdainfully, “Since you have been following Pei Shiyuan for many years and Pei Shiyuan has worked with me for many years, I will teach you a lesson by beating the dog and watching the master.

“My subordinate understands.” Pei Lan nodded, he didn’t know this, but that D*mned little leader kept dumb and silent, he really had no choice, that’s why he had to do this.

Now, like Pei Shiyuan, he could only look at the leader with both eyes, expecting the fool to come to his senses sooner.

Sure enough, the boy was still staring at the envoy with dumb eyes even now.

Pei Shiyuan and Pei Lan were so angry that their mouths were twisted, this idiot, you should have said something, if you displease the envoy, this group of people will all be D*mned.

While these two were angry, the envoy was clearly impatient and his eyes were slightly cold: “What? Are my words not good enough?”

Pei Shiyuan and Pei Lan buried their heads even lower on the spot and were about to beg for mercy, so the leader opened his mouth at that moment: “No…… no, no, the amba*sador’s words are like the order of heaven, how dare I disobey.”

“If that is so, then why do you hesitate to answer?”

The leader choked slightly and swallowed: “I …… just …… don’t know how to answer.”

“Just speak for yourself.” The envoy said impatiently in a cold voice.

“This ……” A slight hesitation, the small leader at this time gritted his teeth: “From the situation that my subordinates and he fought, this murderer, but …… ”

He glanced at the envoy, saw his eyes cold, closed his eyes, gritted his teeth and opened his mouth, “But just the usual rat generation.”


A group of people heard his words, the envoy did not say anything yet, but one of their own group had already raised their heads straight away and let out a shocked shout while showing their unbelievable faces.

Pei Shiyuan and Pei Lan also looked at each other and frowned, Pei Shiyuan even stood up and pointed one hand straight at the little leader: “Mangniu, what the f*ck are you talking about?”

“If you continue to be so rude in front of the envoy, I will not blame you for not remembering the feelings of my brothers and sacrifice you to heaven.” Pei Shiyuan said sharply and angrily.

The young leader panicked and fell to his knees, kowtowing repeatedly, “Mang Niu is telling the truth, I would never dare to deceive the Eleventh Master and the envoy, and all my brothers behind me can testify to this.

The words fell, several strong men behind him nodded their heads, this time, it was Pei Shiyuan and Pei Lan’s turn to look at each other, even the special envoy’s eyes contracted violently at this time ……

“This ……”