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His Destined Path Chapter 3062

Chapter 3062

Pei Shiyuan, Pei Lan you look at me, I look at you, big eyes are staring at small eyes.

If you want to say how powerful this killer is, or even fly into the sky and earth, these two people are ironically convinced, after all, although the earth worm is not a good bird in their eyes, but at least for this guy’s ability, they are recognized.

How could someone who could kill that earthworm be a generalist?

But to say that his cultivation was so low that he couldn’t even defeat his own men, wasn’t that f*cking outrageous?

If that were the case, in the middle of such a hot and dense demon territory, Youming City would have been eaten to the ground, so how could it have stood for so many years?

But Mang Niu’s character, as his own brother, knew too much, he was never one to tell big lies.

The envoy also scowled slightly, looking at Mang Niu for a long time, until he had the guy looking creepy, and he suddenly laughed coldly: “What? Is the weather too hot, or is the atmosphere too stagnant, and you want to make a few jokes to adjust?”

Mang Niu was sweating profusely and couldn’t help wiping his forehead, in fact he knew that once he said the genre, it was likely that he would provoke such non-intention.

That was why he hesitated to answer when the envoy asked.

He understood that not answering would be a death sentence, but it would not be good enough for him to answer.

Anyway, he had already answered, so he had to hold on to his head, and Mang Niu continued to kowtow to his death.

“Mangniu, stand up for me.” Seeing the envoy’s words, Pei Shiyuan could no longer kneel down and hurriedly got up, pointing at Mang Niu and said angrily, “What exactly is going on, give me an honest explanation, if there is even a single false word in it, I will make your head fall to the ground.”

When he heard the order, Mangniu hurriedly stopped kowtowing and gave a full account of what happened when he met Han Qianqian and the others.

“But what I didn’t know was that they were just half a gourd, something that would fall over at the first touch. If you don’t believe me, we still have the man’s blood on the ground to prove it.”

“We also have the wounds left by his attack with blood.”

“Yes, Master Eleven, Lord Special Envoy, although they don’t seem to have much cultivation, that guy’s blood is very insidious.”

Saying that, starting from Mang Niu, each and every one of them showed the injured parts of their hands or bodies that had previously been devoured by Han Qianqian’s poisonous blood.

Pei Shiyuan did not dare to be reckless and hurriedly sent his men to check it out. Soon, a group of men found the blood on the ground that had not yet dried up and took a sample and hurriedly sent it over.

Naturally, Pei Shiyuan did not dare not to look at it and with a wave of his hand, he had his men deliver it to the envoy.

Although the blood had dried up, the mud and sand around it was still dark and eroded, and it was several centimetres deep underneath.

Even the envoy frowned and drew a cold breath.

“Is this really just the blood he shed?”

Mang Niu hurriedly raised his hand and bowed, saying, “Precisely.”

Sweeping a glance at the wound on Mang Niu’s hand, although it was only the size of a nail cap, the skin had obviously been completely dissolved, and for a moment his eyes shrank even more fiercely.

“Envoy, this ……” Pei Shiyuan asked softly, for at this moment the envoy was unusually serious in a rare moment.

“Interesting.” Slightly withdrawing his eyes, the special envoy did reveal a rare smile: “The toxicity of this blood is so strong that it is rarely found in the world, and has even been so strong that it can dissolve all things.”

“It is extremely possible that someone with such blood could kill the King of the Pale Ming.”

“What?” Pei Shiyuan froze.

Pei Lan also frowned, “Then isn’t what we’ve met a monster?”