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His Destined Path Chapter 3063

Chapter 3063



Both couldn’t even beat a mangled bull, but the blood in his body was strangely poisonous to such an extent that it seemed right for you to say he was rubbish, and it seemed reasonable to say he wasn’t.

“Could it be that he was injured at that time? The King of Youming is after all a ten thousand year old worm, facing it, even if it killed him, but at least the attacker would have to lose his skin without dying, right?” Pei Shiyuan looked at Mang Niu and said.

This, Pei Lan and the special envoy agreed, and looked over.

Mangniu tried to recall, and after a moment, shook his head: “Although that guy’s cultivation level is low, his strength is not small, that is, he suffers a bit against a strong man like me, if it were someone else he would still have an advantage. As for saying he was injured, that was even more unnoticeable.”

“He even took the initiative to fight me first.”

“Hiss!” Pei Shiyuan couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath, “Could it be that he’s really a monster?”

“Xing probably is.” The envoy gave a smile and a cold snort.

He didn’t really understand it either.

However, he was more interested, “Catch it back and see if it’s a monster or a human.”

“It has to be alive.” The envoy laughed softly and commanded and said.

Pei Shiyuan nodded, “What the hell are you doing? At the same time, tell the twenty-seven departments out there to quickly take this as their central point, even if they have to turn the ground upside down, they must capture the boy alive.”


A large group of men received the order and hurriedly chased down the mountain.

And at this moment, how could Han Qianqian know that he had left so much gossip behind after he left?

After descending from the mountain, the three men and the beast, no, the three men and the beast and the egg went deeper and deeper towards the north.

To the north of the mountain, there was an endless stretch of withered mountains and barren rocks, with no green or red in sight, only an endless grey and black fog.

With a few strange cries, beasts running and devil birds flying, a huge burst of black air moved rapidly through the mist, and spread rapidly in all directions, starting from the original mountain.

Pei Shiyuan’s twenty-seven divisions, tens of thousands of people, officially launched a carpet chase.

The tiger-bodied men heading north were the most numerous, as they knew that it was wider and more suitable for escape, so they were the most numerous and the fastest in this direction, hoping to catch up with Han Qianqian and the others as soon as possible.

However, just below them they were moving fast.

At this moment, an object like an earthen boat was weaving through the ground.

Behind it, a simple wooden cube was hanging, in which two people, a beast and an egg, were sitting, the woman bored and taking the initiative to tease the beast, while the man was watching carefully with a book.

Who else could this party be but the pierced beast and Han Qianqian and the others?

“I treat you like a brother, but you treat me like a horse and donkey, f*ck me.” The piercing vest was depressed and wearing the earth, which was like water in front of him, opening when it met, and after that, it was closed again by following the wooden box.

Han Qianqian ignored him and concentrated on reading the Phoenix Heart Sutra, in which the understanding of fire completely refreshed Han Qianqian’s perception.

When he saw that Han Qianqian was ignoring him, the mountain beetle could only shut up and honestly continued to drill forward.

This time, I don’t know how many hours it took.

In any case, Xia Wei next to him had no idea how many rounds he had between sleeping and waking.

The evil Taotie rose slightly and spat out the egg in his mouth, then gently wrapped it around his foot and pinned it to Han Qianqian’s side.

Only then did Han Qianqian put down the heart sutra in his hand and looked at it strangely: “Are you tired? Do you want me to hold the egg for you?”

It nodded heavily, then its body curled up, closed its eyes, and went to sleep.

Han Qianqian nodded, and with a movement of his hand, he put it into his storage ring, allowing him to rest for the time being.

After this, Han Qianqian was about to put the egg away when he saw the egg, like a ball, burrow into Han Qianqian’s arms.

Xia Wei miraculously looked at this scene, and Han Qianqian simply looked a bit dumbfounded.

“Hey, hey, hatching eggs Han Qianqian.” The pangolin smiled heatedly back, and in the next second, just as he was about to turn his head, he only heard him shout, “Ouch my a*s!”

Immediately after, along with the wooden square, seems to have slammed into something ……