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His Destined Path Chapter 3064

Chapter 3064

Han Qianqian’s eyes and hands were quick, and when he felt something wrong, he took the whole egg directly into his arms, while his other hand hastily pulled Xia Wei, despite the fact that he had crashed forward in the wooden square, but at least Xia Wei and the egg were unharmed, and Han Qianqian himself had only scratched some skin.

“Ouch, it hurts like hell.” Han Qianqian hadn’t said a word, but the pangolin was already in pain.

When he looked back, the pangolin’s eyes were glowing with gold, and even a large bag had been raised between his head.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing.

After all, under the ground, if you say that debris, roots are always there, it is not something unusual, these are the norm, in order to wear the mountain beetle’s ability, even with eyes closed “drive”, that will not appear any accident at all.

“What is this thing?” Han Qianqian looked at the big thing strangely, and was puzzled for a while.

Han Sanchiang was puzzled, and Xia Wei also paid attention to this big thing that should not appear in the ground, and the pierced mountain armor touched its head, also raised its head and glared at it in a very depressed manner, not to mention that even the pierced mountain armor, which is always active in the ground, was completely confused about this thing.

“What is this thing?” The mountain-piercing beetle said.

Han Qianqian frowned slightly, took a step forward and gently touched the red-grey thing with his hand, the texture was like stone, but compared to the hardness of stone it seemed to be quite inferior.

If I had to find a word to describe it, it was as if it was a giant rubber cement square, but it was at least the kind of rubber cement that had been sitting for a long time and had dried out.

Xia Wei also wanted to touch it, but as soon as she reached out, she suddenly noticed that there were many small dots on this “play-doh”, and when she fixed her eyes on it, she was disgusted to the core.

It wasn’t a dot at all, but a small hole with a small tail like a snake or an earthworm, wriggling in like a maggot.

“Huh, how disgusting.” Xia Wei couldn’t help but look disgusted and took a step back in a hurry.

As soon as she shouted, Han Qianqian actually only noticed this unusual scene. Previously, Han Qianqian was only more concerned about what this was, so he had been working on the material and had not paid attention to this point.

Now, when you look at it, it is as disgusting as Xia Wei said, but more importantly, Han Qianqian found that the soil around the “rubber mud”, there are many things that are about ten centimeters long, such as snakes and earthworms, are coming towards the “rubber mud”.

“sh*t, what the hell is this?” This time, even Han Qianqian was confused.

“sh*t, could it be that those guys have found out our whereabouts and have set up a barrier on purpose?” The Mountain Piercing said with some concern.

Han Qianqian didn’t say anything. With his plan, after he descended from the mountain, he already expected that the other side would definitely give full pursuit, so he instructed Piercing Armor to lead himself and Xia Wei from underground.

In the course of a rapid pursuit, people would pay extra attention to what was ahead of them, and would not tend to pay too much attention to what they had just pa*sed behind them, but as the pursuers would probably not be in one wave, Han Qianqian chose to move at a speed slower than the first wave, but not too far behind.

This would ensure that he was behind the first wave of pursuers and not too close to the second wave of pursuers.

“Seeing as these worms aren’t squirming fast, this thing should have existed in this place for some time, it’s unlikely that it was laid down by those guys.” Han Qianqian shook his head.

“Then it’s not those guys, so what’s this miscellaneous?” The mountain beetle agreed with Han Qianqian, but was also filled with more curiosity about this thing at the same time.

“This thing isn’t even from the ground, it was definitely deliberately placed here by someone.” The pangolin said glumly. “Although I don’t know exactly what this thing is.”

But just as the three of them were asking questions, suddenly, this “rubber cement” in front of them suddenly moved… …

Boom ……