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His Destined Path Chapter 3065

Chapter 3065

As the “Play-Doh” moved, the earth and mud around it began to collapse, and while several people hurriedly used their hands to cover it, the “Play-Doh” began to slowly rise.

As the crowd looked back, the rubber mud had gone all the way up and was eventually pulled out of the ground, leaving a huge gap through which they could see the sky.

The sun was still setting, just as far as it could go, with a lingering afterglow imprinted on the sky.

The three men were silent, and even their breathing was intentionally stopped, for fear of making any noise.

But, after waiting for nearly a minute, there was only some movement above them, but they did not wander into their territory.

The man in the pierced mountain beetle glanced at Han Qianqian in confusion, what is this situation?

Is it really not that group of guys?

Or, did the group of guys just want to get away?

Han Qianqian shook his head slightly, he was not sure about this situation, but he could go up and take a look.

For one thing, the three of them really needed a good rest after having rushed for so long. The ground had been marching and the three of them were actually in bad shape, and it would be good for them to hide and rest at night, when they could not see well.

Secondly, if it was the group that put it there, then there was no point in hiding as their whereabouts were exposed.

And if it wasn’t the group that put it there, but someone else, then at least it means that the place should be safe and the group shouldn’t be around.

Otherwise, how could that group of people be at peace when they were looking for people everywhere?

If that was the case, Han Qianqian was curious about who had put this strange thing underneath and what it was used for. Or, was it intentionally targeted?

When he thought of this, there didn’t seem to be any reason not to go up there, and nodded at the Mountain Piercing Armor, who gritted his teeth, “D*mn it, it’s fine, anyway, it knocked me around, and I still want to seek revenge on him.”

Then, the pangolin grabbed the two of them and with a quick acceleration, they rushed straight up to the ground along the opening.

Once on the ground, the three of them breathed heavily, breathing freely in the fresh air outside.

The air had never felt fresher than when they had been in the Devil’s Land, but having been underground for so long, it felt different now.

The giant “rubbermaid” was still standing next to them, but a figure had slowly walked away into the distance.

The three of them looked at each other and followed straight on.

The mountain road was quite rugged at night and the figure in front of him walked slowly until, after about ten minutes, he crossed a relatively high hill and suddenly disappeared.

The three of them looked at each other again, D*mn it, it couldn’t be an ambush, could it?

By the light of the moon, the mountain beetle followed him up the hill, but a few moments later, the b*****d froze in place.

Seeing this strange situation, Han Qianqian asked Xia Wei to stay behind him, and slowly walked towards the pangolin himself. When he climbed the high slope and looked down, Han Qianqian was a bit dumbfounded for a moment.

Under the moonlight, there was a large lake underneath, with a few sounds of water, but the figure was sitting by the lake, indifferent.

In the darkness, under the moonlight, Piercing Mountain Armour and Han Qianqian looked at each other and were wondering when they suddenly heard the figure drink.


The two men looked at each other and saw the figure suddenly stand up, holding a long pole in his hand, and at the same time he lightly shouted and mentioned the pole.

The next second, there was another sound of water as the fish burrowed into the water and pushed hard.


Although neither shouted out, the wide open eyes of each other already indicated how huge the internal roar was at that moment.

You’ve been following me for half a day, but you’re lonely?

However, when he thought about the worms and snakes in the rubber mud, Han Qianqian suddenly slapped his head, “D*mn, it’s really fishing.

He had nothing better to do than to chase after people who were fishing.

He was still being f*cking chased, he really had the “leisure” to do so.

With a self-deprecating bitter laugh, Han Qianqian took the pangolin and was about to leave, but at that moment, an accident suddenly appeared ……