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His Destined Path Chapter 3066

Chapter 3066

Behind them, there was a sudden ouch, and between the two men’s eyes, they saw that the old man had suddenly slipped under his feet, and his whole body was directly dragged down by the big fish caught on the pole, and he was heading towards the water.

“sh*t, is this a man fishing, or a fish fishing for a man?” The pangolin said strangely.

Han Qianqian rolled his eyes and tapped the b*****d’s head, “What are you still doing? Save someone.”

From the sound of the ouch, and from the appearance of the figure that was faintly visible when it hit the ground, Han Qianqian could conclude that the fisherman was an old man, whether he was a demon or a human.

With a soft shout, Han Qianqian took the mountain beetle with him and rushed towards the lake.

With a movement of the body, the Mountain Piercing Armor immediately flew over and directly grabbed the line on the pole in the water, just by mentioning it in his hand, he directly pulled up the fish in the water.

The head of Han Qianqian, although unable to luck, but the physical quality itself is good, fast steps rushed to the old man next to him, directly hold him then to the shore to hold.

The old man was out of danger, and the fish, which weighed several dozen pounds, was dragged ashore by the pangolin.

The fish was white, with a few black scales on its back and a mouth like a giant catfish, while the old man was wrapped in cloth, his body was like firewood, and his clothes were almost full of big holes, so simple that they could be described as not covering his body.

When he saw Han Qianqian and the pierced beetle, and looked at the big fish that was almost lying on the shore and no longer moving, the old man smiled sarcastically and hurriedly sat up, “Thank you, thank you both for your help.”

“Otherwise, I’m afraid that today, instead of the old man fishing, it would have been this beast fishing for the old man instead.”

Han Qianqian took a look at the old man, his skin was dark and textured, like snake skin, and with his old age and wrinkled skin, he looked even more like he was wearing a snake skin, he was not tall, about one and a half metres, and as he smiled, his two gills bulged out, like a bony version of a toad’s mouth, which was very unflattering to his thin face.

“A hand up, nothing to say thank you.” Han Qianqian smiled.

“Looking at the way you two are dressed, especially this handsome gentleman, you don’t seem to be from my demon land, but more like a human?” The old man laughed.

Han Qianqian did not deny it and nodded his head.

“The human race and the devil race are incompatible, so if you saved me, aren’t you afraid that the old man will add insult to injury?” The old man laughed.

“If you want to kill me I will fight back, and if you die, I will be at peace, but if I see death and don’t save it, at least my heart will be troubled.” Han Qianqian said.

“Well, well, well, a troubled heart.” The old man laughed, and then a knife suddenly appeared in his hand, the light of which was cold in the moonlight.

The man in the piercing vest immediately rushed to Han Qianqian’s front, shielding him while shouting at the old man, “Holy sh*t, old man, are you f*cking kidding me?”

“You really f*cking did it? You really want to return the favour?”

The old man didn’t even reply, he smiled, got up and walked over to the big fish, raised his hand and slashed it, then, skillfully spun off a big piece of meat from the fish, weighed it slightly in his hand and threw it towards Han Qianqian.

Han Qianqian gently walked around the mountain beetle and caught the big piece of fish in his hand.

“I’m so poor I’m starving to death, I’m just surviving in this world, it’s already a pity from God that I can’t die, how can I still think of killing?” He smiled, and with another slash in his hand, he cut off a small piece of fish meat, and stuffed it into his mouth on the spot, chewing it slightly.

“This is a moonlight ghost fish, it is vicious in nature and already feeds on everything, just look at these teeth, they are like a hacksaw and you can tell a thing or two. However, although it is vicious, its meat is of good quality and most importantly, it is a living treasure.” The old man laughed as he ate.

Although it was not uncommon for the demon race to drink blood, and Han Qianqian had already expected it, but looking at a skinny old man like this, it was inevitable that there was a shock in his heart for a while.

Looking at the fresh white fish in his hand, Han Qianqian frowned and said, “A living treasure?”

The old man was about to explain when he suddenly looked up at the sky above him and saw a white dot suddenly flashing out of the sky, growing larger and larger.