His Destined Path Chapter 3073

Chapter 3073

Almost at the same time as Han Qianqian was dazed, the tentacles on the walls on both sides also attacked Han Qianqian violently at this time.

Han Qianqian shielded her while still not daring to be the slightest bit lax in his hands, flinging his jade sword across the room. Although the 72 divine swords could not be used with luck and could only have a form but not a spirit, thanks to his exquisite sword technique, he was able to at least parry them despite the hard work.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

“Three thousand brothers!”

The wall suddenly exploded again with several explosions, and as Xia Wei shouted sharply, the wall that originally had one tentacle sticking out at the earliest suddenly exploded with a succession of earthbags, and a dozen tentacles rushed out of the earth again in a dense ma*s.

Not to mention resisting, even just looking at them made my scalp tingle.

But at this moment, Han Qianqian didn’t have the time to worry about this, because a more dangerous situation had already occurred.

In the process of resisting, limbs were broken under the jade sword one after another, but it was also the slime from these broken limbs that kept accumulating on the ground, and Han Qianqian and Xia Wei’s feet had long since run out of clean soil to step on.

And this slime, not only was it incredibly slippery, the most disgusting thing was that it was unusually sticky and very sticky.

“If we go on like this, even if we can resist these tentacles, these disgusting juices can trap us here and even drown us both.” Han Qianqian gently patted the tender hand of Xia Wei who was holding on his shoulder.

Because of her fear, Xia Wei’s hand had been trembling continuously at this point.

Xia Wei nodded and shook her head again, her inner fear was almost psychologically broken as her nausea continued to deepen.

“I’ll protect you, you go open the door and get in.”

Xia Wei desperately shook her head, even though her heart was unusually scared, it didn’t mean that Han Qianqian’s place in her heart was not important.

“Don’t worry about me, just wait until you go in and wake up the pangolin to help me, otherwise, we’ll both have to die here.” Han Qianqian knew the reason for Xia Wei’s reluctance and hurriedly said softly.

Then, he looked back at Xia Wei and said very gently, “Okay?”

When people are afraid, especially when they are afraid from both a psychological and physical point of view, their spirit is extremely fragile, so Han Qianqian was being so gentle, both to comfort her and to encourage her.

Looking into Han Qianqian’s eyes, Xia Wei’s nervous and frightened emotions gradually stabilised, and finally, she nodded obediently, gritted her teeth, and her heart’s courage was rekindled.

“It is now.” With a nod, Han Qianqian turned around and at the same time drove his jade sword in a smooth motion, cutting down the two tentacles that had just attacked him.

He didn’t care about the juice that was sprayed all over his body, as soon as he helped Xia Wei, he rushed towards the door.

The distance was not too far, after all, the whole hole was only about two metres long and wide, so with a few steps, the two of them had already reached the entrance.

In an instant, both the re-grown tentacles and those that had not been attacked in the first place, came in a sudden rush, like a huge spider’s web, with almost no dead angle in 360 degrees.

Seeing such a situation, Han Qianqian knew that he could not avoid it, so he simply gave up defending, retrieved his jade sword, pulled the door open, and pushed and helped Xia Wei into the room.

Almost at the same time, countless tentacles arrived, directly locking Han Qianqian in a deadly lock.

Xia Wei, who was pushed into the room, didn’t even care about her image at that moment, and panicked, she flipped over from the floor and tried to help Han Qianqian enter.

But when she turned over, she only saw Han Qianqian, who was wrapped in three circles around the tentacles, she could not help but cry.

What made her sadder was that Han Qianqian was still struggling with all his strength, trying to close the door again, and looking at Xia Wei looking at him, he even showed a faint smile at this time, as if telling Xia Wei not to be sad.

“No!” Xia Wei could not hide the pain in her heart, crying out in pain and hoarseness, and her hand tried to grab Han Qianqian.

But as the door slammed shut again, the danger was no longer there, but Han Qianqian was also gone.

“Brother Three-thousand!” Xia Wei struggled to crawl forward, her whole being desperate to the point of heartbreak.