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His Destined Path Chapter 3074

Chapter 3074

The sleeping piercing beetle and the old man were awakened almost simultaneously by the sad cry from inside the house, and the two of them sat up straight away on their butts, seeing Xia Wei lying on her back in the doorway crying bitterly, with no sign of Han Qianqian in the house, they immediately rushed to Xia Wei’s side.

“Xia Wei, what happened?” The mountain beetle said in an urgent voice as he held Xia Wei up.

But Xia Wei shook off the Wearing Mountain Armour’s hand and instead grabbed the arm of the Wearing Mountain Armour with her opposite hand, saying in a rush, “Don’t mind me, don’t mind me, save Brother Sanqian, save Brother Sanqian.”

Although she was a woman, the piercing mountain beetle still felt the pain of her grip on his hand, but at this moment he did not have the heart to care about this, because Xia Wei’s words had already shocked the piercing mountain beetle.

Save the three thousand brother?

Could it be that something had happened to Han Qianqian?

Seeing that she kept looking towards the door, the piercing beetle immediately reflected, and immediately got up and rushed towards the door.

The old man next to him rushed to the door in the first place and blocked the door with his body, his face sweating: “No one …… is allowed to go out.”

“Old man, you’re crazy, get out of the way.” Wearing a mountain beetle sharply voice a drink, is going to move forward.

The old man at once directly a hand from the waist to feel his previous fish killing used small knife: “Who dares to go out half a step, do not blame me under the knife merciless.”

The pangolin gritted its teeth and said in a cold voice, “If anyone dares to stop me from going out, then I will not be blamed for being merciless.”

The old man was almost nonchalant, and as soon as his teeth were clenched, he drew his sword and charged at him.

The old man stumbled and fell to the ground almost immediately, but he was pleased that he had not fallen to the ground and had not suffered any damage.

The old man was still persistent and rushed over, hugging his thighs: “Young warrior, you can’t open it, you can’t open it, if you open it, we …… will all die.”

“Get out of the way!” The mountain piercing armor angrily shouted.

“Young warrior, really can not open ah, do you know, that outside what is the monster?” The old man looked at the Mountain Piercer, his eyes full of fear and sincerity.

Hearing this, the Mountain Piercer faintly froze, and Xia Wei also placed her gaze on the old man.

“That’s the king of the bloodworms.” The old man put his head away and said with difficulty.

“That gentleman saved the old man’s life, to the old man is a recreated benefactor, what happened to him do you really think the old man is not anxious? But …… the King of Bloodworms is a thousand year old worm, it …… is very powerful.”

Speaking of this, the old man let out a long sigh, and his face could not hide his sadness at what happened to Han Qianqian, but more than that, it was a helplessness.

“That thing is the old mother of those bloodworms and the strongest king beneath the surface of this extreme snow land, not to mention whether you can beat it when you go out, and even if you do, what can you do?”

“As the mother of those bloodworms, once she suffers a fatal crisis or dies, what awaits you will be the revenge of all the bloodworms.”

“Don’t look at the size of the bloodworms, but they are just the children and grandchildren of the bloodworms, and they are only foraging for food because they need to grow, while the really big ones are hidden in the thick mud.”

“Although my hut is located in the middle of the earth, it is surrounded by stubborn stones as a defense. If we do not offend the old mother of the earth worms, at least the three of us can be safe, otherwise ……”

“Otherwise, if the other side gets angry and wants to fight us to the death, not only will the warrior die for nothing, I’m afraid it will also involve us.”

Hey, another heavy long sigh and helpless shake of the head.

He is my brother and my elder brother, not to mention the mother of all insects.

The words fell, the piercing beetle on the foot slightly force, kicked away the old man after, in the old man’s no no no sound, directly opened the door.

The old man immediately closed his eyes tightly, Xia Wei at this time also endowed breathing, slowly stood up, even if more afraid, but she also made up her mind to fight with that abominable guy.

She had to save her three thousand brother, because her three thousand brother was protecting her until he died.


The door slowly opened and several people’s breathing stopped as the scene outside the door at that moment ……

“How …… how did this happen?”