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His Destined Path Chapter 3075

Chapter 3075

The three men gawked at each other.

By the faint light of the room, the three could vaguely see that there was no imagined fierce killing outside the door, instead, it was unusually quiet and terrifying.

With a faint frown, the pangolin started to walk slowly over.

When he reached the door, he gently poked his head out.

With this peek, the piercing beetle’s jaw was agape!

The thick earthen walls were filled with all sorts of holes, so dense that one’s scalp tingled, not to mention how uncomfortable it was for Han Qianqian at the time.

There was still nasty liquid left above the holes, and on top of the ground below, the unbelievably sticky liquid had even piled up to a few centimetres deep.

The mess on its surface at this point already indicated how fierce the fight had been here earlier.

“Where’s Brother Three Thousand?”

At this moment, Xia Wei also followed over and looked at the entire pit, completely stunned for a moment.

“Ming Ming Fang ……”

Xia Wei’s anxious eyes were tearing up again, because at this moment, Han Qianqian’s disappearance already meant too much.

“Caught away.”

Wearing a mountain beetle frown, finger opposite the earth wall, there, dense dozens of small holes, the corner of the side of a large hole about a person wide or narrow hidden there, not easily detected.

“I’ll go save him.” The pangolin glanced at Xavier.

“I’m coming along too.” Xia Wei said firmly.

The Mountain Piercing Armour shook its head and gestured for Xia Wei to stay right in the house, “Your sister gave you to us, we have a responsibility to keep you safe, and besides, Han Qianqian has a promise.”

“But brother three thousand also has a promise, I am his sister, if I am his sister, then why am I not there to help when my brother is in trouble? Besides, when my sister called me out, she didn’t ask me to come out to be protected by you guys, but so that I could help brother three thousand.” Xia Wei was resolute, and when she finished, she even reached out and put her hand on the shoulder of the Mountain Piercer, waiting for him to lead her through the underground.

The Mountain Piercing Armor looked at the resolute Xia Wei and nodded, if Han Qianqian was in danger, Xia Wei with the Phoenix Blood could indeed be of great help and be of even greater use than himself.

“Let’s go, what’s the use of all those bullsh*t promises if Brother Three Thousand is gone.” Xia Wei urged.

“Xia Wei, with those words of yours, don’t worry, if there’s danger, I’ll have to let it step over my body.”

“Cut the nonsense, no one is going to die, we all have to come back safely.” Xia Wei nodded gently.

“Good, let’s go!” With those words, the piercing beetle took Xia Wei with it and flew towards that big hole with a single acceleration.

However, just as the two of them were about to enter the hole, Xia Wei suddenly patted the Wearing Mountain Armour’s shoulder, indicating him to look behind.

When Piercing Armour subconsciously turned around, he saw that the wall behind him also had an almost identical hole in it. Not only that, on the other two sides of the wall, there was also an identical hole at the same time.

The pangolin instantly frowned, “f*ck, there are four holes?”

“Which side should we go to?” Xia Wei asked sharply.

If there was one hole, it would be fine, but if there were four holes, it would most likely lead to four directions.

This would undoubtedly consume a huge amount of time directly to rescue ……

What to do?

The most important thing is that there is a huge hole in the ground, and in the centre of the hole, there is a huge white silkworm chrysalis, surrounded by all kinds of tentacles and claws, which is both evil and weird.

On the ground around the chrysalis, there were python-sized blood-coloured insects everywhere, either curled up and moving slightly, or interlaced in a few pieces, so densely packed that there were tens of thousands of them, making one’s scalp tingle.

Suddenly, the tentacles on one of the pupae lifted up, then sprayed violently at the ground, and the opening on the tentacle, which was only the size of a knife slit, suddenly became quite huge.

And what was wrapped in the slime was none other than Han Qianqian ……