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His Destined Path Chapter 3091

Chapter 3091

“Ai, that’s why I said that a newborn calf is not afraid of a tiger, but this calf, Prince Han, is too much of a calf.” The old man shook his head, “With such a quantity, there is really no difference between him alone and the two of you helping, it’s just a drop in the bucket.”

“Instead of that, it would be better to stay in this house, at least, it would not be in vain to do what he has done behind closed doors.” The old man said.

The pierced beetle nodded and glanced at Xia Wei: “He has a point, besides, you have just given three thousand blood transfusions, your body is weak, not only will you not be of much help, you may also become a burden to him.”

“But ……” Xia Wei was also well aware of this, but he was more worried about Han Qianqian’s safety.

“Don’t but, as you can see, how terrifying his abilities are after he recovers, if even he can’t solve the problem, you and I, what’s the use?” The piercing beetle barely managed to squeeze out a smile and said.

This was both a comfort to Xia Wei, but at the same time what was said was also true.

Xia Wei hesitated for a moment, looked at the piercing mountain beetle’s sincere eyes, and finally nodded: “Then, brother piercing mountain beetle, Wei’er asks you a question.”

“Go ahead.” The Mountain Piercing Armour said.

Xia Wei muttered and reluctantly opened her mouth, “I don’t really know a lot about Brother Three Thousand, you should have spent a lot of time with him, right? Then let me ask you, from what you know about him how sure do you think he can be this time when facing the bloodworm’s revenge?”

This question, for the piercing beetle, was considered the right one to ask, because right after the old man had finished speaking, he had already asked himself countless times in his own mind.

As for the answer, the piercing vest had no idea in his heart now.

Han Qianqian was indeed very powerful, but it was also clear that the bloodworm’s revenge that the old man was talking about was no easy task.

“If you have to ask me for an answer, I choose to believe in Han Qianqian.” The Mountain Penetrator said.

“I believe it too!” Xia Wei’s confidence was puffed up, and at this point she was also full and said, “Just because he can break our trial, he must be able to.”

The mountain-penetrator laughed, shook his head and said, “Then I would say that he is a guy who has challenged the two true gods?”

Hearing this, Xia Wei was stunned, and her pair of good-looking eyes widened ……

At this time, outside the house, Han Qianqian, leaning quietly against the wall, slightly closing his eyes, was calm and collected.

He could feel that the seal inside his body was not only suppressed at this time, he could also feel how active the blood jumping in his body was at this time.

The blood of the gods, the blood of the devil dragon, the blood of the phoenix and the poisonous blood of Han Qianqian’s body were almost four bloods in one, blending and intermingling with each other, hardening into a brand new whole.

It glowed with coloured golden light, dappled and flowing to every point on its body, that point would be instantly aroused.

Each point of excitation would make Han Qianqian feel filled with power, and even, even between his breaths, he could feel the power spreading.

“Could this …… be the power of the Phoenix’s power?” Han Qianqian murmured, but his mind couldn’t help but recall the words of the initial phoenix back then.

The power of the phoenix is the most compatible with the power of chaos and the power of the devil dragon in his body, once obtained, they can echo each other and exert the strongest effect, almost looking out of the world ……

The first thing you can do is to take a look at the world, but you really have a feeling that your power is about to explode.

The phoenix’s blood, which is mainly used to suppress the earth’s seal, can have such a miraculous effect, if the phoenix’s power is really obtained completely, how would it feel?

Han Qianqian was not coveting this power, let alone regretting his choice, even if he had to do it a million times over, he would still choose Su Yingxia.

He was only feeling emotional, feeling that all the powers in this world had their own wonders, and he was also happy that Xia Wei was a friend with such power.



Suddenly, at that moment, Han Qianqian opened his eyes with a jolt. Strange sounds resounded from all around, like water gurgling in, and like a long river irrigating.

Immediately afterwards, Han Qianqian suddenly looked towards the earth wall directly in front of him, where, like a torrent of water rushing ……